Offering stylish and comfortable polarized performance - at a price under $50 - the Solar Bat NOCS 1001 Sunglasses with Matte Gunmetal frames deliver a level of quality far exceeding their pricepoint. Perfect for fishing or other outdoor activities, they are the same sunglasses Bassmaster Elite Series and PAA veteran pro, John Crews, uses during the countless hours he spends on the water practicing and competing.

Featuring newly redesigned Noctular lenses, the lenses have a superior scratch resistant coating on both the front and back surfaces for maximum durability, and they also block the harmful UV wavelengths that can damage your eyes with their 99.9% polarization. The nose pads and temples are also made from Solar Bat's proprietary TSG (Temperature Controlled Grip) material. The hotter the material gets, the more it grips your skin. The Solar Bat Noctular 1001 Sunglasses - Made in the USA.

Polarized Lens Tints:

Brown - 16% light transmission

Soft Green - 15% light transmission

"These shades are just what anglers have been needing for years. NOCS have high quality polarized lenses but are still stylish and comfortable at a great price.  I know lots of anglers will rely on NOCS like I now do." - John Crews, Bassmaster Elite Series veteran pro, and winner of the 2010 Bassmaster Elite Series Duel on the Delta.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome sunglasses with great lenses for fishing, BUT the frames crack just from wearing them.  First pair lasted over 2 years so I figured well that ain't bad for the price.  So I ordered another pair and they cracked within 6 months and since I didnt register them within 14 days of purchase NO WARRANTY.  Switching brands because of that. Here we go Typhoon plus better contigencies than solarbat, really unfortunate since I love this style and colors.

From: Andy: medford, WI 5/12/14

Comments: got these in July and have used them about 10 times out fishing. It's now the end of September they have started to crack down the center of the frame. Just called solarbat and they are sending me a shipping label to send them back for repair. Glasses are ok for the price but wish the quality was better on the frames. I had walmart glasses last longer than these. Hoping this doesn't happen again. Next pair of glasses with be of something higher quality.

From: Matt: Winter Springs FL

Comments: Great glasses at an affordable price. Had an issue with the frames cracking, but SolarBat took care of me and replaced them under warranty. Never missed a beat and still rocking my second pair for over a year.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: great glasses for the price, have had these over 6 months now with no problems. i dont store them in a case they sit in the cubby in my truck and are either on my hat or on my face while fishing. would def buy another pair.

From: Bryan: new richmond ohio

Comments: Great sunglasses untill they break. t happens real easy. Dont just be like these people did not take care of their sunglasses because i took care of them the best i could. Good Sunglasses just dont last long.

From: Jordan: Raleigh, NC

Comments: Out of the box, I can tell there not $100 sunglasses, the hinges are tight and I see a weak point on the nose bridge.  The lenses are nice which in the end is most important.  Will enjoy these glasses untill they break, then I will buck up and buy something expensive.  In the end $40 isnt bad for what you get.

From: John: Portland, OR

Comments:  CRAP! Wore them twice and the frames cracked. Wasted 40 bucks.

From: Danny: Milan, TN

Comments: The glasses were good and lasted about four month. I used them every day and have no scratches on the lenses. I have had several high priced glasses that are scratched after the first week. They are uncomfortable unless they have Chum straps on them. They will dig into your head behind your ears. They will also stay on while running 70 mph down the lake. Mine broke in the middle while fishing for no reason just like everyone elses. There is a weak/thin area where they broke. I figure Solar Bat will fix the problem soon. They are great for a person with a small head or likes to use cloth straps on them. I will keep using them because they are good product for the money.

From: Jerry: SC

Comments: they were very good glasses for the money while they lasted.. the frames broke right in half with no cause..dissapointed.

From: John: Newville, PA

Comments: Frame broke in half at the nose piece. One of the rubber nose nubs came off. They fit good, looked nice and the lense color was good but they didn't last long. I doubt I will get another pair.

From: Jeff: Berthoud, CO

Comments: are quite uncomfortable after a full day of fishing, but i must say they really do perform like top quality glasses. I can see just as deep and clear as people with more expensive glasses. Do not recommend them if you have a big head.

From: Sebby: Middletown, CT

Comments: Only wore these glasses 6 times and the frame cracked on me.

From: Nathan: IN

Comments: Frames cracked while fishing the other day.  Granted it was 96 degrees still never had a pair of sunglasses just snap while doing nothing other than standing still.

From: Kevin

Comments: great deal!! frames are a bit cheap,but the lenes are the real deal. for 40 bucks you cant beat them. there just as good as my 179.00 pair. just not as though. also if you have a big face these are pretty tight fitting. i have a mid to small face and are almost to tight.

From: John: Jackson, MI

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