Offering stylish and comfortable polarized performance - with a price tag under $50 - the Solar Bat NOCS 1005 Sunglasses with shiny black and gray frames deliver a level of quality far exceeding their pricepoint. Perfect for fishing or other outdoor activities, they are the same sunglasses Bassmaster Elite Series and PAA veteran pro, John Crews, uses during the countless hours he spends on the water practicing and competing.

Featuring newly redesigned Noctular lenses, the lenses have a superior scratch resistant coating on both the front and back surfaces for maximum durability, and they also block the harmful UV wavelengths that can damage your eyes with their 99.9% polarization. The nose pads and temples are also made from Solar Bat's proprietary TSG (Temperature Controlled Grip) material. The hotter the material gets, the more it grips your skin. The Solar Bat Noctular 1005 Sunglasses - Made in the USA.

Polarized Lens Tints:

Brown - 16% light transmission

Soft Green - 15% light transmission

"These shades are just what anglers have been needing for years. NOCS have high quality polarized lenses but are still stylish and comfortable at a great price.  I know lots of anglers will rely on NOCS like I now do." - John Crews, Bassmaster Elite Series veteran pro, and winner of the 2010 Bassmaster Elite Series Duel on the Delta.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It's me, again, and with an updated review. It's been half a year since I've purchase these glasses. As I've stated, the frame is cheap and have cracked in 3 different areas from the left side to the center. The right cushion of the nose piece went missing who knows how long ago. My cheap Walmart sunglasses are still in top shape to this day. So, is this worth $40... NO, unless you're okay with a lifetime of only 6 months or less.

From: Jay: CA

Comments: These were a Christmas present for me, and I saved them for fishing this spring.  I absolutely loved them, until, about the tenth time I put 'em on, the frame broke in half right between the lenses!  Never stressed the glasses, always put in hard case, and this is what I get?  They were great while the frames weren't snapped in half, though.

From: Bill: IN

Comments: Just recieved it through mail, and I'm very satisfied with the product. Lenses are high quality, while the frame needs some more attention but it will do.  Can't wait to use it on the delta. Highly recommend it, it's worth the buck.

From: Jay: CA

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