Southern Trout Eaters DVD - $19.95 presents the first swimbait film ever done outside of the West. Southern Trout Eaters documents the trophy bass fishing that is happening around the trout fed lakes of the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia and the Carolinas. 

The crew spent the fall of 2009 thru the fall of 2010 compiling a year of swimbait fishing. The film is 2 hours and 41 minutes long and explores all sorts of swimbait fishing discussions and what opportunities are out there for trophy fishing in the South, MidWest and East. They collectively have over an hour and a half of Huddleston Deluxe footage alone, including an interview and input from Ken Huddleston. Besides an absolute trove of information and examples of how to catch Huddleston Deluxe fish in the Appalachian Mountains, the film explores hardbait fishing with the Triple Trout, MS Slammer, and Nezumaa Rat. As spring turns into summer and summer back to fall, the film takes a turn into Arkansas, and documents first attempts at chasing the trout eaters in the Arkansas Ozarks. The Triple Trout, MS Slammer and Huddleston Deluxe all show they can catch swimbait fish from coast to coast. The film also features the Big Hammer and Bull Shad swimbaits. Narration, thought provoking interviews and input from the folks who matter.

This film is for folks who've never thrown a swimbait and for the folks who only throw swimbaits. Anglers from any part of the country will value this film because it validates that swimbait fishing isn't just a West Coast thing, and that there is still many untapped trophy fishing waters yet to be explored. Visit: for more information.

Comments: James is totally wrong, the guy with the saggy pants is in the video for less than 5 minutes of a 2 hour and 40 minute film. Matt Peters, even says they do not have him in the video because of his antics. The video is PURE GOLD!!

From: Brian: AR

Comments: awesome dvd reallt informative and i really dig how it's presented to you

From: Louis


From: Wheels: New Berlin, NY

Comments: I had owned a 8 inch Hudd for 8 months with no bites. I bought this DVD and my first time out after watching it I caught a 6.8lb bass and have since caught 4 bass over 4 pounds in the last 2 months, and its winter with water temps in the mid 40's here. This video is a must for swimbaiters.

From: Dan: CA

Comments: This is a great DVD for any fisherman looking to get into swimbait fishing. Matt Peters gives some great insight and tips into hunting big bass. I have watched this video at least 5 times and I really do learn something new every time. I highly recommend this DVD and cannot wait for the next video to be released.

From: Dan: Little Rock, AR

Comments: If you want to learn to catch big bass on some what of a regular basis... This video is F'n GOLD!! I've watched this 20+ times and see something new everytime.

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments: Great video! Tons of information to take in. Would recommend it to anyone who has even thought about swimbait fishing.

From: Matt: Rochester, NH

Comments: I've fished all my life, I recently retired from guiding in the Florida everglades and moved back home to appalachia. This movie moved me in a way that only being alone at sunrise on a good frog fishing day could. It is the only film I've watched that touched the essence of why we fish and the adventure inherent in a "new" approach. Even non fishing friends were impressed. The technical information alone is a gold mine if you take the time to let it soak in. I second the guy who hoped Matt sells 10,000 copies.

From: Burt: No City, WV

Comments: James, you dont buy a instructional dvd because you like that way the instructer is dressed. You buy it for the information in it. Id put more importance on if the guy knows what hes talking about than how hes dress. And if you think his knowledge is any less valid because of how he dresses then your really missing out.

From: T.J.: LA

Comments: Big bait fishing SW Colorado/N NM for Pike this winter with FLW/WON etc. pro friend of mine and mentioned to him that these large baits would do a number on the bass in the trout feed lakes of N Ga where I am originaly from. He told me that guys are already doing it and told me about the video. I orderd it and was blown away. It was good to see clips of the southern appalacian mountians and was very informitive. I even liked the sound track. Made me miss home. Might be moving back down there to be closer to family and this is giving me some motivation. Very real video with a sort of home brew flair (no hollywood here)! All I got to say is I am in trouble because I have got the big bait bug. Thanks guys! I would recomend this video to any one who is interested in throwing big baits or any one who is already doing it. Or just to any one who wants to see alot of BIG Bass and some good scenery.

From: Maurice: Durango, CO

Comments: I totally disagree with James. The fish don't care what you look like... and obviously he's caught a lot more fish than anyone here or you all wouldn't have bought it...But... This DVD is one of the most informational videos I've ever seen for fishing where Im from. Ive fished with Matt before and he knows worlds more than this video really shows... He can't let all of his secrets out all at once!

From: Travis: Hoover, AL

Comments: The DVD is 2 hours and 40 minutes long.  Which is plenty long.  This is the best DVD for swimbait fishing. Video quality is not the best .  This is the best DVD for fishing big swimbaits.

From: Mike: MO

Comments: Dont waste your money.A big portion of this DVD contains a young guy with his pants hanging down off of his behind!!!That is very tasteless and disrespectful to others!!!I cant believe that was included in this DVD.Please take the money you made off of this overpriced DVD and buy him a belt.The sound quality was not very good and the instructional part was not very detailed.

From: James: Chesterfield, VA

Comments: This video is a must have for all fishermen, especially those of us not out West. Lots of great fish, good commentary, good tips and hints, and good humor. Can't wait for the next one (right Matt?!)

From: Lee: York, PA

Comments: great video! lots of donkeys caught! great info!interesting to watch big baits get hammer!! but one thing is the quality of the camera sucks!!! they need better quality for the next future dvds out!!!

From: Godzilla, California Delta

Comments: Great DVD. I watch it alot. The only thing i cant stand its the super repetitiveness!. But hey i still watch it ALOT

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: Great film. Lots of info, good shots, and big bass.  I went from knowing next to nothing about swimbait fishing to actually having a clue about how to start slinging some big baits.  I also loved the soundtrack.  This video is a must have if you want to start trophy hunting.

From: Robert: Macon, GA

Comments: great video completley agree with supertrooper02 the swimbait fishing is awesome and kevin from cali come on buddy big bait posse was nothing but a highlight reel it showed what you could catch from throwing big baits but it wasn't informative like southern trout eaters overall great piece of video

From: jjjeeerrryyy: Young Harris, GA

Comments: Great Video! best parts are from the young guys Brad Rutherford and Robert Malcom. I am an Old school fisherman but this video makes me want to try swim baits. I don't really understand some of the concepts that were presented by using surfing as an analogy, sounded funny but whatever catches a bigun!

From: Supertrooper02: Young Harris, GA

Comments: Not impressed at all. Sorry once big bait posse came out, its all the same. Poserish if you ask me. Don't get me wrong I love that swimbait fishing expanded throughout the US but come on I throw baits bigger than what they caught. Nice effort but if your going to shoot a video, gotta keep at Cali we side baby!

From: Kevin: San Diego, CA

Comments: The timing of this dvd couldn't have been better as I am new to big bait fishing. I have had it for a week now and have watched it a couple of times, there's a lot of good stuff on here, both obvious and subtle. Matt's conviction is inspiring to say the least. With an artistic quality that I truly appreciate, the production is great. The Huddleston interview was fantastic, what a cool guy, McComas is on point too. Then yeah, there is the music, so fitting, so awesome. I'm no Cali guy or even a Southern swimbaiter but a Yank from NY and this dvd has me so amped, as if it were shot in my home waters. I know there will be a time in the future when I'm looking back at when I first got into big bait fishing and I'll remember the influence this dvd had on me. Thanks to Matt and Tackle Warehouse for putting me on.

From: Brian: Kingston, NY

Comments: This DVD is by far the best swimbait video that I have ever seen.  Not only do they show footage of catching a ton of fish, they thoroughly explain their techniques on how to fish the swimbait.  I would highly recommed this video to anyone.  You won't be disappointed!!

From: Ron: Trabuco Canyon, CA

Comments: Very well put together video, it shows the back to the basics style big bait fishing. So many are concerned with the next big bait or the newest trend they forget about the tried and true o.g.'s. It goes to show that this style of fishing is here to stay and that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. It is a long video but it's well worth it. Watch the video and it takes you step by step through big bait fishing in a realm most have never seen. Very well done boys!

From: Phill: So. Cal

Comments: This DVD is different from any other swimbait DVD on the market.  It shows that a swimbait fisherman who grew up in SoCal, can use those same baits and techniques in the South; and find success.  The DVD is 2 hours and 40+ minutes of action packed/instructional swimbait fishing.  There are awesome interviews with Ken Huddleston, Scott Whitmer of 22nd Century, Mike Bucca of Bull Shad swimbaits; and features other guests such as Rob Belloni from Calfishing.  This DVD shows fish caught on a wide variety of swimbaits and brands.  Different Huddlestons, Triple Trout, Bull Shad, Jerry Rago Rat, Big Hammers, MS Slammer, etc; are all shown catching fish.  This DVD might be called "Southern Trout Eaters", but I really enjoyed watching it; being from SoCal.  Matt Peters used to fish a lot of the lakes I do; and I'm happy to see him having the succes that he's had.  Great video! 

From: Arden: SoCal

Comments: I have been watching this video for the past couple of days and i still cant get enough. It seems like i learn someting new everytime i watch the video. Every question i ever had was answered in this video.This video is packed with so much helpful information and tips on swimbaits, fishing techniques, applications , and equipment. This video is a must have regardless if you are a beginner or advanced swimbaiter. The most informative trophy bass video with the most cast to catch footaqe you will ever see. Great job on the video! I look forward to see what you come up with next.

From: Daniel: So Cal

Comments: just finished watching my copy great film the big bait posse was a nice swimbait highlight reel but this is put together to actualy show the passion and commitment of these swimbait throwing addicts it shows the ups and downs has a serious side and a informative side yet certian clips stand out to make it light hearted and fun alot of laughter from the to young what seem to be "wild ones" Jermey Pratt and Robert Malcom yet serious in depth interviews with people like ken huddleston and mike shaw the video is an all around masterpeice hands down

From: Richard: Houston, TX

Comments: just finished watching my copy of the video and it was very instructional yet still playful with the cast of the movie you get some old school Swimbait knowledge from the older guys matt Petters, chris Koon,rob mconas and mike Bucca yet you get to see how Swimbait fishing is evolving with by watching the up And coming young guns Robert Malcom, Jermey Pratt, Brad Rutherford, and Ryan Thoni put there Twist on swimbait fishing awsome video

From: Steve: Akron, OH

Comments: I just finished watching this DVD and I must say that I was very impressed. I've been fishing swimbaits exclusively since the mid-90's and have been successful doing it. The past videos focusing on swimbaits have been ok. Bill Semental's video was somewhat informative, The BB Posse video was entertaining and some of the old VHS videos (Byron's swimbait video) was created too early to give any useful information. This one offers the entertainment factor, background and history of big baits as well as  a vast array of useful information on a variety of baits and techniques. The unique aspect of this video is that Matt brings years of knowledge to an area of the country that is virgin to the technique. 15 years ago I was very successful in Texas throwing big baits. I adopted California techniques back there and won a lot of money. This DVD will show the people outside of California just what they can do with a big bait (as well as show the Californians techniques that can be adopted here. Kudos to Matt and his crew for laying it all out on the line for those that are both new to swimbaits as well as seasoned veterans that are always looking for a new technique or application. I strongly suggest this video!

From: Mark: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Comments: The last few days I've had a chance to watch the finished product. I say few days because this little fishing movie is not just a little fishing movie - it's 2 hours and 40 minutes in depth trophy bass swimbait juice. There really is no precedent for this film in terms of content and footage. The Big Bass Posse vid was a great movie but it was a high speed 40 minute clip. This is a film with so much rich content, info, thought process, and passion. As I watched it I just kept thinking how this is such a representation of Matt's life on film. A lifestyle of complete fishing obsession. This is a film you have to watch a couple times to let it all soak in. If you fish swimbaits, even passingly, you should get this and watch it. You'll learn something like I did. And people in the South ... are going to be shocked when they see this. This is what California was in the 90's. Great work Matt, I hope you sell 10,000 copies

From: Rob: Dublin, CA

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