Spiderwire EZ Fluoro 200yds

Spiderwire EZ Fluoro 200yds

Spiderwire EZ Fluoro is a 100% Fluorocarbon that casts and handles like a monofilament. EZ Fluoro sinks with low stretch for improved sensibility, and also will not absorb water, which helps maintain the strength of the line. Best of all, fish can't see it underwater!

-Easy to cast and handle
-Underwater clarity - fish can’t see it
-Won’t absorb water - maintains strength
-Sinks with low stretch for improved sensitivity
-Clinch knots slowly with excess lubrication

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb
Inches .010 .011 .012 .013 .015
Millimeters .25 .28 .30 .33 .38

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Spiderwire EZ Fluoro 200yd 6lb $7.99 5
Spiderwire EZ Fluoro 200yd 8lb $7.99 03/10
Spiderwire EZ Fluoro 200yd 10lb $8.99 5+
Spiderwire EZ Fluoro 200yd 12lb $8.99 5+
Spiderwire EZ Fluoro 200yd 15lb $8.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I picked up a spool of 6lb and 12lb at Walmart. I don't know if this is Walmart's fault but... 3 weeks later I could pull the 6lb in half with my hands also fishing with it for bluegill it frayed every time I would catch a tree or something.. I would not recommend, get Seaguar or Sunline Fluorocarbon instead. :)

From: Brady: San Marcos, California 12/9/16

Comments: i picked up 3 spools of line last month & the second & third time i was out i casted two crankbaits into the sunset because the line cracked & broke also the line seems very high diamiter wise because i compared 20 pound seagar to this line in 14 pound test and the seagar seemed thiner.

From: Thomas: Ontario, Canada 8/26/16

Comments: A couple of weeks ago I took a spool of 10lb up to the Boundary Waters in MN for leaders because of the water clarity. I tied them on every rod & never used the spool the rest of the trip. We never needed to tie on new leaders. They lasted 6 days & we were hung up quite a bit in the wood & rocks. We caught around 15 fish per person per day, smallies & pike. This line out performed my expectations for sure! My wife caught a 40" musky with one of these leaders. It took almost 10 min to land him. The leader wasn't even frayed, although the hook was side ways on the 1/8 jig head she was throwing.

From: Brian: Green Bay, WI 7/29/16

Comments: This is the best line I have ever used. I always used Berkley trilene & it was good but it had too much stretch. This line is every sensitive. You can tie very good knots with this line. This line has almost no stretch which is great for me because I like to set the hook hard when I am worm fishing. If you want great line at a great price, get this line.

From: Hunter: IL 1/8/16

Comments: I got some 15 and some 8 on sale and they aren't bad. Have not noticed the shedding others mention. Line is a funny thing, one guy can love a brand, another will swear it is garbage. Try it yourself.

From: Jay6: NJ 11/13/15

Comments: worst line ever I have had it for a month line is already shedding it has the worst memory ever save your money & buy a better line.

From: Wes: USA 10/22/15

Comments: bought a couple 15lb spools for some light flipping and jig work. Never again. Abrasion resistance is not in this lines repetior, I really can't think of anything positive to say about it

From: Jim: CA 6/11/15

Comments: Like every fluoro I try, I bought 3 different boxes at 2 different pounds. I tried the 10# and 12# and both were just terrible. One slight backlash and the line is done. I don't backlash much, but when I would get just the small common grab, I had to cut the past the kink.

From: Rob: Shawnee, KS 5/18/15

Comments: I have been using this line in 10lb test for shakey head fishing since the beginning of fall without respooling and im fishing 2 to 3 days a week.Yes I'm using it on a spinning reel,Quantum Iron Saltwater 150yd capacity so maybe the wider spool helps. I have only retied 3 times (changed weight of head) and have lost no fish so far and no funny breaks, this is the ONLY fluoro that I have kept on a spinning reel over a week without having to change.

From: Drew: USA 12/30/14

Comments: This the best line I have ever used. Its so strong, I was flippin docks and I got hung in some rocks. We pulled stopping the drag and the hook ended up getting straightened out instead of breaking. Its also very good about not knotting up when you get a bad backlash.

From: Jason: Lake Norman, NC 5/24/14

Comments: I use 15lb for on my jig rod. I don't recommend using this fluoro on spinning rods though. Its a very stiff/hard flouro and is very hard to cast. I could definitely see why someone would complain about the lower diameter form of this line. On a baitcaster though, its really one of the best lines on the market. When I list these characteristics I'm not exaggerating. When I throw a 3/8 or a 1/2oz. jig, it'll cast farther than some of my other lower diameter lines will, so it runs through the guides with ease.I can skip a jig very well with this line. When people were complaining about the abrasive resistance, they must have been throwing the lower diameter. This is generally thicker line than most fluorocarbons, It has very, very good abrasive resistance and last longer than most lines that I throw. It's also super sensitive, and I think that's from the stiffness of the line. Generally with stiff fluorocarbon comes weak not strength, but not for this line. Just like every other line out there, if you don't retie once in awhile, you're going to break off.

Comments: This line cast great. Let's leave the positives at that though. The line has very little abrasion resistance and snaps VERY easily.  I fish crankbaits a lot, and this line simply doesn't hold up to the job at hand.

From: Mike: Lakeland, FL

Comments: This line is COMPLETE CRAP I broke of 5 times to 5 fish in 2 hours! This line is stiff, abrasion PRONE,and hasTerrible knot strength. DO NOT BUY!!!!!

From: Alex: VA

Comments: This line is absolute crap! I thought I would give it a try because of the price, but I thought wrong. The line is very stiff. I can barely cast it compared to my Abrazx or trilene 100%   

From: Seth: iola,wi

Comments: I bouth this line in 8lb test and fished it on my drop shot rod and shakey head rod and was excited about the price but just like the Vicious Floro its garbage!! You get what you pay for and this stuff was constantly fraying and breaking. Took it off before I fished for money!!

From: Britt: Boerne, TX

Comments: I have caught numerous bass with this line in 15 lb. It casts great, is very sensitive, has good abrasion resistance, and the stretch is about average. I have pulled several bass out of brush and the line held up great. I've never been a huge Spider wire fan but this line has me rethinking my stance.

From: RS: TX

Comments: Absolute garbage. Stiff and unmanageable, even after repeated treatments of KVD LnL. Don't waste your money on this junk.

From: Jason: TN

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