The SpiderWire Stealth Camo Braid is designed for low visibility so it blends into the underwater environment. Its varying color pattern blends in with any water and vegetation conditions you might be fishing. It also holds its color better than the competition and its round shape reduces backlashes while resisting digging in on reels. The Stealth Camo Braid is made of the same ultra-high strength Polyethylene fibers as with other braids, and it's Teflon pressure-treated so it's super quiet and flies through the guides for longer casts. It won't cut into your guides under heavy tension either.

"SpiderWire Stealth Camo Braid is tough, easy to manage and ties great knots just like all Spiderwire. But when I'm flipping for bedding fish or fish that have lots of pressure, this line is perfect. It just looks like the rest of the vegetation in the water. It puts the fish at ease and leads to more strikes."Gerald Swindle - Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.

Line Diameter 30lb 50lb 65lb 80lb
Inches .012 .014 .015 .016
Millemeters .30 .36 .38 .41
Equiv. Mono Diameter 8lb 12lb 15lb 17lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Only braid I use. Never broken on me, never lost a leader, lure, nothing. I hear a lot of complaints, and have none of those issues. I don't know, check your knot?

From: Dustin: Richmond, VA 7/12/14

Comments: I was pretty happy spiderwire came out with a camo braid , I use 10lb and 30lb and it does help hiding the line when fishing in heavy cover. I enjoyed fishing the original stealth in moss green but had a great time trying some new colors also well . I have tried the hi vis yellow color as well and it good for sight fishing bass when deadsticking . You can use this braid for that to it kinda helps too. So if you need to hide your line pick up some camo stealth braid because it works .

From: Erik: IL

Comments: I've used many types of Braid, in the past and so far so good.. I fish 4-5 times a week, Flippin and Frogging.. The 80lb is holding up well.. Casts nice, only issue if you use a maker to color your line black.. It won't take the the permeant marker, i believe  there's a coating on it. But over, I recommend this line you will not break it" 

From: Mrmark: Lake Havasu

Comments: This braid is not what I thought it would be. I tried some on a jig rod & in two weeks it was a mess, it was almost like the braid wasnt spun tight enough.

From: Ryan: FL

Comments: I've fished powerpro, suffix 832 and this line, and this line is the best by far, its nice and limp, doesn't require a huge break in period like power pro needs, and it holds color way better than either power pro or suffix, and it cast a country mile on any lure you tie on. I have had this line line on several of my reels for several months, and used it a lot in that time frame(multiple times a week) and have yet to get a huge backlash, not even a tiny backlash with this line, absolutely no problems with this line. worth every penny you pay.

From: Ben: FL

Comments: worst line ever...we snag alot in the red river.. so me and my buddy bought some 50lb to reline our reels...had our line break on around 8 fish and they were probably around 10 - 20lb fish. we were able to get one in but it only weighed 2 1/2 yourself a favor and dont buy this line

From: Brady: Hornbeck, LA

Comments:I love Spiderwire Camo braid in 50lb. It's get for frog fishin and buzz baits. I"am hook!!

From:Ron: Nomal, IL

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