Spiderwire's main focus with the Ultracast 100% Fluorocarbon, as with their other lines, was to make the highest strength line per diameter with really good tensile strength. Spiderwire was also able to slightly reduce the stretch associated with fluorocarbon lines, giving the angler a more sensitive line with less elongation. The Spiderwire Ultracast 100% Fluorocarbon isn't just a tweak to something else, it has a totally new formulation. The smaller diameter gives it some flexibility and helps make it less stiff and better behaved on spinning reels. Basically the Spiderwire Ultracast 100% Fluorocarbon provides the invisibility of fluorocarbon with a lower diameter and greater strength, more flexibility and more sensitivity, but not necessarily an explosive hookset.

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 20lb 25lb
Inches .009 .010 .011 .012 .014 .016 .018
Millimeters .23 .25 .28 .30 .36 .41 .46

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is hands down the best fluorocarbon for spinning reels. Lays well on the reel and is unbreakable. I have caught a ton of 4 to 6lb smallmouths on the 8lb line. Won a lot of money with it. Incredible stuff

From: WV

Comments: One of the worst fluorocarbon lines I've ever used. It may cast ok, but it is weak stuff. Had many a line break using Spiderwire. Never had a line break using Suffix, Berkley, or Yamamoto fluoros.

From: Kyle: MI

Comments: Best casting fluoro i have ever fished to date. I have tried many.. My go to when i want fluorocarbon. The 8lb is excellent. The only 100%fluorocarbon i will use on spinning reels.

From: Jamie: PA

Comments: My favorite fluoro of the brands I've tried so far. Handles excellent & holds up very well while providing great feel & hook-setting power. I've only used the 15 for t-rigs, soft swimbaits, just general purpose subsurface lures & it will be my primary line for those purposes going into 2012.

From: KC: NW Iowa

Comments:  Best casting flouro period. And I've tried them all!

From: Billy: Mt Sterling, KY

Comments: Awesome flouro line. Great on abrasion resistance and also has great sensitivity.  I have 15lb for my baitcasters and 8lb for my finesse fishing.

From: Matt: Rhode Island, USA

Comments:Great fluorocarbon line.

From:Eddie: Speedwell, VA

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