Finally braided line that sinks like fluorocarbon - Spiderwire Fluoro Braid Moss Green delivers the best of both worlds. Featuring a blend of Gore Performance Fluoropolymer Fiber that provide the density and sinkability of fluorocarbon, and the highest grade Dyneema available for increased strength and the ultimate in sensitivity, Spiderwire Fluoro Braid provides all of the attributes of a premium superline - in the first true sinking braid.

Spiderwire Fluoro Braid Moss Green also decreases line slack. Because more of the line sinks, as opposed to floating on the surface, it gives you a more direct line from your rod tip to your bait - providing faster hooksets and added sensitivity. Available in several sizes, it also helps your lures run deeper, and casts like traditional braid with even less friction for quieter handling.

Line Diameter 15lb 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb
Inches .009 .010 .012 .013 .014
Millemeters .23 .25 .30 .33 .36
Equiv. Mono Dia. 4lb 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Crappiest line quality I've had yet, lost 2 lures to clean snaps on my line, not even close to where the knot was, resulting in a loss of two seven dollar lures. I rigged this line on my baitcaster only about 2 weeks ago. The color of the line has rubbed off onto my hands, and I have random coils of braided line tightly wrapped around the line, affecting my casting and reeling capabilities. I will be calling Spiderwire expecting a refund or new line. Great concept, horrible product.

From: Lane: IN 4/15/14

Comments: warning only get 65lb test if you even think about getting this. had 40 lb spooled up and it broke twice on casts. not even where the knot was. i did have better luck with 65lb though no break offs when casting. color comes off way too easy leaving your fingers and rod green.

From: Brendan: PA

Comments: I've used this line for several years now with no issues.  I do however fish exclusively with 65-80 lb test.  I use leaders and direct tie with very no breaks on the braid unless I cut it.  I flip and pitch into heavy cover Very strong and tough with great feel. 

From: Bud: Round Rock, TX

Comments: this line really isn't the best in my opinion, if you break off on your first fish, it's not well made, further observation led me to believe that the line itself failed, not the knot. save your money or go to power pro or suffix.

From: Jose

Comments: I had a bad fishing season with this line. Early in the season I lost fish on breakoffs and knot failures then at the end of the season I noticed the line was delamenating. I also spooled the Suffix 832 at the same time on half of my spinning equipment and it performed perfectly.

From: James: NE, PA

Comments: This line is the worst! I had more break offs on the hook set than any other braid I tried. I tie a snell knot on my punch rigs and still I break off. It also is not abraision resistant at all. Im going back to my trusty Power Pro.

From: Steve: Waupaca, WI

Comments: This line breaks at the knot every time. I use it for flippin and tie a snell knot. When ever i set the hook on fish that r in the mats, wood, reeds, etc, i break off. NOT good line

From: Steve: WI

Comments: This line is junk. Spooled up 20# and had 3 break offs the first day I used it. And no, it was not the knot - I was able to break it with my bare hands. Not nearly as strong as the 14# Sunline FC Sniper I usually use. Completely disappointed.

From: WDB: Plainfield, IL


From: Ralf: South Florida

Comments: Really like this line caught me a 2lb to 3lb largemouth bass was using the 15lb for swimming a punch skirt with a 3/8oz boss weed eater punchin weight . ( combo colors were black red striped skirt , with  a 4" chigger craw ( black red flake ) , 3/0 Gamakatsu heavy cover hook tied on with a snell knot . This line held up the fight never more what I like about it  there gore fibers in the line .

From: Erik: IL

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