The worlds VERY BEST braided line, just became the worlds very first TRANSLUCENT braided fishing line! Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid's patented translucency technology makes this line the nearest thing to clear and invisible. AMAZING! Spiderwire Ultracast is the BEST braided fishing line ever made PERIOD! In addition to it's translucency, Ultracast Invisi-Braid outcasts, and outlasts all the competitors. Unlike the other braids, Ultracast requires no break-in period. It is limp and ready-to-fish right out of the box. It's stronger, smoother, and much more durable, while still amazingly thin and sensitive. With Spiderwire, Nothing Get's Away!

Line Diameter 10lb 15lb 20lb 30lb 50lb 65lb 80lb
Inches .007 .008 .009 .012 .015 .016 .017
Millemeters .18 .21 .24 .30 .38 .40 .42
Equivalent Mono Diameter 2lb 4lb 6lb 8lb 12lb 14lb 15lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  I have been a huge fan of Spiderwire for years but I think quality control at the factory is getting sloppy... I ordered a 300 yard spool of 30lb and the braid snapped on hook sets, casting, and even when I was tying a knot.  I agree with Dan, I think TW got a recent batch of bad line!

From: Kevin: Allentown, PA 8/29/14


From: Don: Buffalo, WV

Comments: I fish big bass everyday for Kayak big bass tourny series. I have to have the best line available. So when I gave this line a test for 6 days here is my results: Line #50 pound, rod:7' hvy Falcon, reel: Curado... Line is great when it comes to see'ing small twitches and pick ups on jigs. Line really sux when it comes to durability!!!. After cutting off appx 18"s after each fish I still could not manage to have more than a 50-50 shot at getting a fish over 4 pounds outta reeds/catails/hydrilla without a break off. Sorry spiderwire but yall need to try again on this line. Its just not durable enough to fish jigs/frogs in ANY type of cover.

From: Hooligan: Austin, TX

Comments: Purchased this line and the first trip out halfway through the day the line broke in the reel on a cast. The next weekend I lost 2 alabama rigs when the line broke in the reel two more times. Would not recommend  this product.

From: Brian: Republic, MO

Comments: This line seemed to 'dig' very bad into my spool on hooksets or reed snags..This creates knots which block your next cast or pitch. Picking out these knots ALL DAY was not fun. I was also not impressed by the 'invisible' factor, the line seemed to be highly visible.

From: Greg: FL

Comments: By far the worst braid I have ever used.  It broke numerous times, not at the knot or in the reel seat but randomly in the middle.  I lost $20 in tackle before I took it off.  Plus it is not invisible, it is bright white, any green line is much better.

From: Jeff: MN

Comments: Not a goodbraided line.  Does not disappear in clear water.  It seems to be constructed with an outer sheath and an inner core.  I used it for Carolina rigging for a solid day and the outer sheath parted twice.  Will not use again.

From: Steve: Virginia

Comments: I bought this not too expensive and casts a mile ...strong as the green cammo stren but with polarized lenzes I cant see it 6 ft down... smoooth.

From: Bobby: Potomac, MD

Comments: :Very good line. Super smooth casting and super strong. Translusent in water but u can still kinda see the line. Highly recommend this line

From: Kelvin: Oakdale, MN

Comments: Very good braided line, although I still believe that Sufix is better.  Strong and durable.  The lighter tests may be somewhat difficult for fish to see, but once you start getting to 15 lbs or above it is really not particularly subtle.  Still, tip it with a fluoro leader tied with an Albright knot, and you are good to go.  This product is a bit too highly priced in my opinion, however, which is why I would just as soon buy Sufix which is a superior product.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments: The Spiderwire Ultracast is great line but this Invisi-Braid is anything but invisible. If your looking for stealth on the water check out the Spiderwire Ultracast Moss Green-Braid, it's amazing.

From:Chad: Jefferson, NY

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