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Get the new video from Bill Siemantel and SPRO that everyone's talking about. The techniques and high impact action in this DVD make it a "must have" for every fisherman's arsenal. Gain years of swimbait experience from one of the nations greatest big bait anglers, all from the comfort of you favorite recliner.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Waste of time and money. It's just a video highlight with some weird techno music. He does land some awesome fish but who cares I want to know how he did it. His book is awesome and that's the main reason why I bought this video. The fish he lands trolling the swimbait is pretty awsome though.

From: Bert: Elk Grove

Comments:Pretty disappointed with this video. Lacking in content for sure. As much as Bill knows about swimbait fishing, I was surprised to see that very, very little instruction actually takes place. Not even a drop in the bucket compared to what is covered in his book (which is outstanding btw!). These really should be "giveaways" when you buy a BBZ swimbait, because really that's about all it's worth.

From:Cam: Superior, NE

Comments:I too am VERY disappointed. This video is a waste of money!! Cover says "Secrets Revealed...REALLY!" which is false advertising. Here is Bill's biggest secret "Just think outside of the box, catching fish really isn't that hard". DO NOT buy this video, the money could be put to better use.

From: San Diego, CA

Comments:I just finished watching this video and I was really disappointed. I thought it was an instructional video not a watching a guy catch fish video. Not a mention of equipment or basic info! Very disappointed!!

From:Randy: Blacksburg, VA

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