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One defining feature of the Spro K-Finesse Jig is the specially designed hook. The entire design of this jig revolves around the hook Gary Klein developed specifically for this jig.

The Gamakatsu hook has the eye recessed into the head of the jig. This design dramatically increased the bite of the jig increasing hook up and landing percentage. The recessed eye design makes the K-Finesse extremely weedless and also aids in the protection of line inside the line tie area.

The weed guard of the K-Finesse Jig is matched perfectly for finesse applications with thinner diameter strands and colors to match the jighead. The skirts are extended to allow you to trim the skirt to your desired length. The Spro K-Finesse Jig is outfitted with a tough super sharp Gamakatsu jig hook for quick penetrating hooksets.

Click here to see some video on Spro baits with Bill Siementel at ICAST '08.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: AMAZING JIG!!! i live in missouri and out here we really do not have big bass like in florida and i have always used jigs but barely ever get anything and then i started using finesse jigs and they work but i wanted someting with a little more flair so i got this and i must say this jig is between a full size jig and a fnesse jig so u will still get bits in tough conditions but even when it isnt tough it still has enough bulk to get them biggins! i have never lost a fish and yesterday i caught 27 with the smallest weighing 1lb 5oz. Also my average size fish i have caught has raised dramatically after purchasing this jig! so get u some of them and u WONT be mad! i use the copperhead color with a 4in rage craw in the falcon craw color( i bit it down so the craws just hang out the back of the skirt)

From: Trevor: Wentzville, MO

Comments: really cool jigs, i like the eye design i got 1/4 and 5/16 in green pumpkin they look like awsome jigs

From: Kiel: Kansas

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