St. Croix Avid Series Casting Rods

$200.00 - $220.00

The Avid Series Rods are constructed of SCIII graphite, an advanced high-modulus graphite that delivers maximum durability and sensitivity. These rods feature the advanced Fuji Alconite Concept Guide System. The alconite rings provide increased strength and durability with a compression strength up to 80% greater than ordinary guide rings. The concept system isn't just stronger it's lighter, too; up to 35% lighter than conventional guides. The concept guides also enhance sensitivity, casting distance and accuracy. Plus, they help to reduce line twists.

With skeletal-cork reel seats and ergonomically shaped select-grade cork handles the Avid Series Rods give you all day casting comfort. These rods have specialized technique-specific taper designs so you can select the right rod for the job. The Avid Series Rods are handcrafted in the U.S.A and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. You can't go wrong with an Avid Rod.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Avid Casting Rod 6'8" Medium

AC68MXF. The ideal worm rod in the lineup. Tie on a 1/4 ounce Texas Rig and this rod shines.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Extra Fast 8-14lb 1/4-5/8oz 9+Tip Avid Cast 2 15-1/4" In Stock: 2 $200.00
Avid Cast 2

Avid Casting Rod 7' Medium

AVC70MF. You'll really be impressed with the beautiful action of this rod which makes it perfect for just about any technique using lighter weights including crankbaits.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 10-17lb 1/4-5/8oz 9+Tip Avid Cast 2 15-1/4" In Stock: 3+ $200.00
Avid Cast 2

Avid Casting Rod 7' Med Hvy X Fast

AVC70MHXF. The extra fast taper of this rod makes it prefect for casting lighter baits very accurately. Excellent for topwaters, lipless crankbaits, light spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, light jigs and worms, and soft jerkbaits.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Extra Fast 12-17lb 5/16-3/4oz 9+Tip Avid Cast 2 15-1/4" 01/29 $210.00
Avid Cast 2

Avid Casting Rod 7' Medium Heavy

AVC70MHF. Great all around rod for just about anything you do. Great spinnerbait rod and you can really put the hook to big bass when you're casting Senkos, jigs and worms.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 12-20lb 3/8-1oz 9+Tip Avid Cast 2 15-1/4" In Stock: 3+ $210.00
Avid Cast 2

Avid Casting Rod 7' Heavy

AVC70HF. This is one tough rod. Great for pitching jigs and plastics around grass and thick cover and spider jigs in deep water. Throw heavy spinnerbaits and even light swimbaits and set the hook with authority.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 14-25lb 3/8-1 1/2oz 9+Tip Avid Cast 3 16-1/4" In Stock: 2 $220.00
Avid Cast 3

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  • The Avid Series casting rods from St. Croix are the rods bass anglers have been dreaming about. These rods deliver strength, durability, and a light-weight rod all in one package that will keep anyone from showing up at dinner time.
  • These blanks are 100% high-modulus SCIII graphite that have been designed to give the perfect medium crankbait action, plenty of hooksetting and fish fighting power and the ability to cast a crankbait as far as you could want. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Designed for the serious angler who demands high performance and value from their rods,  the St Croix Avid X Series Casting Rods feature St. Croix’s classic SC III graphite blanks combined with their proprietary IPC tooling technology.

  • Completely redesigned from butt to tip, the new St. Croix Legend Elite Casting Rods are loaded with St. Croix’s latest technology and refinements, including Torzite guides and SCV/SCVI graphite blanks.

  • The St. Croix Legend Tournament rods will give you every advantage you can get from your equipment. There is a reason anglers who have discovered the fine quality and American made craftsmanship of St. Croix rods are a dedicated group.

  • 2012 ICAST Winner - Best of Show Freshwater Rod Series - the St. Croix Legend Xtreme Spinning Rods are the extremely sensitive and powerful top-of-the-line rods from St. Croix loaded with all the features and technologies they have at their disposal.

  • One of St. Croix's most popular rod series year-after-year, the St. Croix Premier Series Casting Rods are handcrafted in the US to deliver a winning blend of performance and value that every angler can appreciate.

  • Anyone who throws crankbaits knows it takes the right rod to really be effective. We want medium action rods that won't tear out hooks but not a noodle rod that can't set a hook or move a big bass. Many companies are forced to use fiberglass for their cranking rods because it is very difficult to design a 100% graphite rod that has the right action and power with out collapsing under pressure and shattering with a big fish on the line.

    Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I own 4 of these rods and they all are great. The 70MF is the ultimate Keitech rod. I throw Fat Impacts with a 1/8oz. weighted swimbait hook with this rod & it it absolutely perfect for this application. It can launch them a mile. It has great feel. I can see the tail waving back & forth & I know whenever I hit a piece of grass or get a bite. It has the perfect amount of tip for launching the bait & having sensitivity & then it has the right amount of backbone to drive the hook home once you get a bite. This rod also works really well for 1/4oz. fish head spins too. It's so versatile, you could throw almost anything in its weight range. These blanks are top notch & I would expect no less from St. Croix. Definitely well worth every dollar.

From: Seth: Pittsburgh, PA 6/6/16

Comments: Really like these rods. I own several, and they all have performed well at a reasonable price point. Anything heavier than Medium does feel a tad heavy. The sensitivity is pretty good using a wide range of baits. The 7' MHF is a tank if a rod, and very versatile. Im partial to the looks of these, and the grips have not been an issue for me. The alconite guides are awesome, however my rod gloves are starting to wear the paint of of some of the lower double foot guides. I did break one rod in an accident, and St. Croix customer service was fast and fair with my replacement.

From: Carl: UT 8/27/15

Comments:  Paired a 7'mf with a chronarch ci4+, well, this rod is phenomenal, 2 years ago I slowly began acquiring st croix rods starting with the mojo bass. I decided to make the leap to the avid and without a doubt this rod is worth the sheckles!!! I also have a 6'8"gloomis gl2 mhxf jig rod which is definitely a nice rod but at the $200 range I would take the avid all day. Unless you get a lemon there's no way purchasing this rod will be a disappointment. Next rod 7mhf avid without a doubt!

From: Wes: CO 10/7/14

Comments: These are the best rods I have fished ever. They are light enough to fish all day and have the best sensitivity, if a bass sniffs it you feel it. I will never buy anything but St.Croix. The warranty is great and the customer service is top notch. way to go guys.

From: Jay: Brighton, MI

Comments: Probably the best bang for your buck. Superior performance and lifetime warranty for only $200, half the price of the higher end rods.  Compared this rod to one of my buddy's Legend Extreme/w MGX and I would say the difference is so minimal that I would stick to Avids for being on a budget.  I have a 6'2 M XF paired with curado 50e that I use for plastics and the sensitivity, weight, balance, comfort exceeded my expectation. I was fishing during a low pressure, so I had to fish deep and slow. I was able to feel the tiniest nip and set it hard while my friends were just reeling until they notice there's a fish on. Probably one of the lightest blank for $200 and nothing beats a full cork handle imo. It balances well with my reel for an almost weightless feel.

From: WI

Comments: I have and fish both the 66mf and 66mhf.  I use the medium for jerk baits, weightless worms and plastics.  The MHF is my jig rod.  These rods are lite sensitive and wonderful to fish all day.  I paired my rods up with an alpha's ito and a SOL and there my go to rods when floating down the river in my yak.  I have some premier rods, and the difference is night and day when stepping up to the avid.  I have and enjoy the older matte black blanks and i will always own a version of these fine AMERICAN made products.

From: John: Groton, CT

Comments: Very nice rods. Stout, sensitive, and very well made. Similar to some of the Loomis bass rods in that they seem a little stiff but fish with them and you see they load up very nicely. Paired with Lews T-Pro very sweet.

From: GB: Ohio

Comments: This rod does not get enough attention on the market... Which that is totally fine with me, let me have all the Avids. They are one of the best bait casting rods you can get for the price. Every time you get a fish to nibble your bait you will feel a jolt on the rod, that is how sensitive this rod is. Its light weight and has TONS of backbone. This rod looks and feels like a $300 rod but for $180 at starting price that is a STEAL!! If your friends aren't a fan of St. Croix.. man they are missing out. Trust me when i say this, Anyone who fishes an avid will become a St. Croix fan and if they don't like this rod i will gladly buy it from you

Comments: Excellent rod, Sensitive. Good pricing starting at 180. Handles fish wonderfully, Definitely will invest in more

Comments:  I've been waiting to get this rod for 2 years now. I just ordered it and I'm ready to use it this spring. Soft plastics, Small Jigs, Shallow Crank baits

From: WI

Comments: Excellent rod for the money; sensitive, strong, and light.  Not to mention, a limited lifetime guarantee from a US manufacturer, I haven't needed.

From: Joel: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: Without a doubt, the best flippin/pitchin rod ive ever used. Super lightweight and strong.

From: Josh: Ohio, USA

Comments: I have the AVC66MF and it is the best rod I have ever used.  This is the first St. Croix I have ever owned and it will not be the last.  It is very light and sensitive, I can fish all day with it without any fatigue.

From: Eric: USA

Comments: I have the 7' medium fast action Avid series rod and love it, spinnerbaits, senkos, whatever else.  Excellent all around rod, well worth the money.

From: Cameron: Illinois, USA

Comments: Greatest Rod I've ever owned. SUPER lightweight and mega sensative. If you don't feel like shoveling out big bucks this is the rod for you!

From:Jason: USA

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