The St. Croix Mojo Bass Rods feature some of the finest materials and construction in the business, in a very affordable package. These technique-specific rods feature the brand new SCII graphite material, a mid-modulus graphite fiber with a higher strain rate than fibers commonly used by others rod manufacturers. This is St. Croix's most popular material that produces rods that are highly sensitive, lightweight and durable.

The Mojo Bass rods feature high quality components like Batson Forecast hard aluminum-oxide guides with double-plated black chrome frames, Fuji ECS reel seat, premium cork handles, and two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish.

Protected by St. Croix's 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service. Click here to check out St. Croix's Warranty page.

Handcrafted in North America.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • The Avid Series casting rods from St. Croix are the rods bass anglers have been dreaming about. These rods deliver strength, durability, and a light-weight rod all in one package that will keep anyone from showing up at dinner time.
  • These blanks are 100% high-modulus SCIII graphite that have been designed to give the perfect medium crankbait action, plenty of hooksetting and fish fighting power and the ability to cast a crankbait as far as you could want. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Designed for the serious angler who demands high performance and value from their rods,  the St Croix Avid X Series Casting Rods feature St. Croix’s classic SC III graphite blanks combined with their proprietary IPC tooling technology.

  • Built to meet the demands of serious anglers without breaking the bank, the St. Croix Bass X Casting Rods redefine what anglers should expect from a $100 bass rod.  

  • The St. Croix Legend Tournament rods will give you every advantage you can get from your equipment. There is a reason anglers who have discovered the fine quality and American made craftsmanship of St. Croix rods are a dedicated group.

  • 2012 ICAST Winner - Best of Show Freshwater Rod Series - the St. Croix Legend Xtreme Spinning Rods are the extremely sensitive and powerful top-of-the-line rods from St. Croix loaded with all the features and technologies they have at their disposal.

  • One of St. Croix's most popular rod series year-after-year, the St. Croix Premier Series Casting Rods are handcrafted in the US to deliver a winning blend of performance and value that every angler can appreciate.

  • Anyone who throws crankbaits knows it takes the right rod to really be effective. We want medium action rods that won't tear out hooks but not a noodle rod that can't set a hook or move a big bass. Many companies are forced to use fiberglass for their cranking rods because it is very difficult to design a 100% graphite rod that has the right action and power with out collapsing under pressure and shattering with a big fish on the line.

    Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Comments: This is my review for the 6'8 Jerkbait rod. First the good: It's very lightweight & sensitive. I can also use this rod for lipless crankbaits & light t-rigs/jigs. It's Arguably the best rod you can buy in the $100 range.
The bad: First rod came with the blank (tip) a bit crooked. Had to get it replaced. Second: the hook keeper is not what I would prefer.

From: Timothy: CA 3/19/16

Comments: Great rod for the money. I actually got it at Costco with a revo s for a hundred bucks. With this rod, you can feel everything your lure hits.

From: Alex: Hoover, AL 9/1/15

Comments: Purchased the SCll graphite cranking rod (not glass) & I'm generally impressed overall. Compared to its competitors this rod come out the winner. St. Croix warranty, at 5 years was a deciding factor for sure. It's light, sensitive & a very "parabolic" taper. Quality fugi reel seat. Durability is great & very very well balanced when paired with 6.7oz bait caster. Only possible knock I can find on this rod is the material of the guides.  But at this price point all manufactures inc St Croix will use aluminium guides.

From: Jesse: Ontario, Canada 7/18/15

Comments: I recommend this rod for anyone who fishes often. I fish whenever I  can (2-5 times a week) & this rod has never been a problem. Great hook setting power, good amount of sensitivity & durable. Mine has been through a lot dropped it, stepped on it, bent the tip eye, even has scratches plus stains all over this rod and never cleaned it. 2 1/2 years and more to go. Caught a variety of fishes with this rod (medium 7ft for plastics). Even a big catfish. The only downfall is that you'll start to feel the weight of the rod after long hours of fishing but its not that bad. Still great rod works so well, I literally don't want to get a new rod for my plastics just to save money because this rod is perfect for it.

From: Evan: WI 6/9/15

Comments: I don't find the Mojo Bass tip heavy at all, I have tried several rods in the $100 range & the MB fits me the best.  I own 6, 4 casting 2 spinning & I have another casting rod on the way. I can't say enough good things about the MB line up & St Croix has the best customer service in the business.

From: Brian: Kent, WA 6/4/15

Comments: Love this rod, I have the Spinnerbait version & I have no problem hoisting hogs out of the nasty. Paired up with 50lb FX2 Sunline Braid, I dare anyone to find a stronger combination. Someone said before, you feel EVERYTHING with this rod. Highly recommend, and will buy more next year.

From: Sam: MO 4/6/15

Comments: Ordered the 7' MH to try out. I'm impressed. Took it out today and did a little punching, and pitching. Felt every little twig. Paired it with 20 lbs fluoro and a team daiwa 7.1. Didn't get bit, but I feel the rod could man handle big fish out of the brush. Outstanding rod fore the money.

From: Andy: Livingston, TX 3/29/15

Comments: Awesome rods. I 4 of these rods different actions. They all work out great last year. So happy with mojo bass rods. These rods have the right action and power I need. I have 3 with the shimano curado 200i reels. And they are just a perfect combo. They just feel right with those reels. Other than just reel in fish. The rods just work. Tight lines

From: Fred: AZ 3/23/15

Comments: The guides are absolute trash, they chip, crack and fall out. Aluminum Oxide guides don't belong on a $110-$130 rod, especially not a st.croix. how about some Fuji Alconites? that itself would  make the rod a prime time player

From: Matt: USA 3/10/15

Comments: I bought the 7'11" for punching. Hoisting the second fish into the boat the tip snapped between the second and third guide. My brother bought the mojo bass dropshot rod and that broke in half on a hookset. The 7'11" felt top heavy but the dropshot rod felt amazing. Perfect action/backbone and extremely sensitive dropshot rod. A lot of people warned us about St.Croix I know why now.

From: Mike: MN 3/6/15

Comments: So far I have two mojo's. The plastics and drop shot rods. So far they have been proven to be pretty durable and beyond sensitive. I will purchase a Pichin rod soon despite some of the negative reviews. 

From: Cody: Ripon, WI 2/4/15

Comments: Have the 7' MH (spinnerbaits) This is quite the rod. Feels a little tip heavy but this rod is DURABLE its going on its FIFTH year and going strong! Seems like the blank has weakened a little bit (typical after 5 years) but still tons of strength. The definition of an ALL AROUND ROD. Now I use mostly for swimbaits and chatterbaits. Caught a PB 5-8 just before ice out this last year. All that said, I will admit though 13 Fishing's are better and will buy from them now on, but for a first baitcaster, this rod is very impressive.

From: Tom: MN 1/7/15

Comments: I got this rod in a 7 ft medium and I can't say enough good things about it! I fish senkos, walking baits, jerkbaits and flukes mainly but I also have fished tubes and smaller 4 inch swimbaits with ease. It was a great tip and wonderful backbone. I would recomend it to anyone!

From: Max: Burlington, VT 1/7/15

Comments: The pitching is like a brick in your hand its insanely heavy. Buy something different, the tip on the rod has very little sensitivity it just stinks all around also my guides are all chipped up and dented I take great care of my rods this is my least favorite out of all my rods.

From: Matthew: Lake Wylie, SC 11/12/14

Comments: I have the both the flipping and pitching rods. I don't like how heavy they feel paired up with my Shimano Curados. The inserts on both tips fell out as well so I had to replace them. I'm actually very surprised by all the positive comments but maybe the other models in the lineup are better. The flipping and pitching rods just aren't for me. I'm looking for something lighter and better balanced.

From: Dylan: San Jose, CA 9/30/14

Comments: great rod i bought the 7' mh fast for frogging and the rod loads up great for casting, especially roll casting you can really pick stuff apart, also has great backbone behind the tip to turn big ones!

From: Caleb: ME 9/5/14

Comments: I have four of these rods and they feel great but my biggest problem is that on all four of them I have a problem with the inserts falling out the eyes and it is not the rod end

From: Jessie: Independence, LA 8/24/14

Comments: I bought this rod for froggin' about six months ago, and it's just awesome!  The rod model I purchased was the spinnerbait 7' MH Fast for frogging. It has plenty of backbone to get bass out of lily pads, laydowns, and the occasional weed mat (if you fish really thick mats all the time you probably want the Slop n' Frog model, but for the frog walking, skipping, flipping, Dean Rojas kind of guy the 7' MH spinnerbait model is perfect).  This rod makes it easy to walk my Spro frogs and it also makes an great rod for swim jigs. It has the feel of a quality product and I am amazed every time I fish it.

From: FattyHunter13: OR 7/21/14

Comments: decent rod,I got the 6,6 med topwater rod. I took it out on the lake the first day I got it and fished all day, caught a ton of bass and some nice size pike, but then when I went to clip my lure down and the rod tip snapped but that was just due to user error.

From: Sam: Muskego, WI 6/19/14

Comments: I own the Mojo Bass 7'6" MH Pitching rod and its a beast. It's pretty light for a 7'6". It is a little tip heavy but it a helluva lot better than a veritas. I own a Abu Garcia 7'3" MH that i used last season and it broke sent it in that season and it broke again later on. Abu is junk and i'll never buy from them again, their products are junk. Switching all my rods to mojos and the techinques the mojo doesnt have i'll buy rages.

From: Fishingman: WI

Comments: Mojo's are by far the best $100 rod made. They are so light, and the action is insane. I own every med. action they make. Get one or 10 you will not be disappointed. The only down side i see is Hencho en Mexico.

From: Ed: Ohio

Comments: To say this rod is incredible is not doing it justice!  these rods are absolutely incredible!  sensitive, strong, and lightweight... al in a 100$ rod thats incredible!  i own the topwater, glass crankbiat rod, pitchin  rod, drop shot rod and the worm and jig rod and will be buying more.  I highly sugest you take a look at the rods you will not be disappointed at all!

From: Sam: Ottawa, Ontario

Comments: Got the 7' MH spinnerbait model.  Fishes great but is extremely tip heavy as others have said....I found it to be almost perfect though when holding the baitcaster in my palm but otherwise not well balanced.  I did pull in a nice fish on it the other day and felt sturdy

From: Adam: Charlotte, NC

Comments: Personally I like the shorter handles on these rods, as I fish from a kayak!Most rods are made with standup fishing in mind.I have 8 rods and they suit me just fine.

From: Bryan: Newport News,Va

Comments: I have 5 Mojos now and love them all. Some are heavy, but I got used to them after awhile. I have two Slop n' Frogs, one Pitchin, one Plastics, and the glass crankster and use all of them.

From: Justin: MN

Comments: I bought this rod when it first it the market.  I like the action but be warned its extremely tip heavy and will take a lot to balance.  Also, after a couple of months, the top insert fell out. When I called st croix for a replacement, I had to pay 5 bucks for the tip.  Not happy with st croix. 

From: gman: NY

Comments: A great rod for the price. Very sensitive will good back bone. I have the 7'0 M Plastics model and have caught a lot of fish on it. Seems to be very durable as well. I use it for everything plastics including light carolina rigs, plastic swimbaits, texas rigged worms, and senkos. Good all around rod.

From: Adam: Bowling Green, KY

Comments: awesome rod!! i have the 6'6'' MH jig n worm and it is very nice, great tip action, very sensative but yet strong. i had an abu before this and that broke so i got the st criox and its way better, its almost as good as my Fenwick!! deffinently the best rod out there for the price.

From: Cole: Boscobel, WI

Comments: i just got the 6 foot 6 inch medium action and I got it paired up with the orra sx and I just LOVE IT

From: Matt: Chicago, IL

Comments: Great rod but not as light as the veritas but it seems more durable and not as stiff.

Comments: BEST ROD FOR THE PRICE PERIOD! Tried $170 poles and I can honestly say that i prefer using this pole then other poles. GREAT BUY! Next time i will stay with st. croix!

From: Meng: WI

Comments: I don't understand the strange allegiance everyone seems to have with Abu Garcia. I've held/ used different variants of St. Croix and Abu Garcia and St. Croix wins. Mojo Bass > Veritas. Loved the 6'6 MH Jig n' Worm model! Great on a Lew's Speed Spool!!!

From: Evin: Newnan, GA

Comments: I own the drop shot rod and just ordered the crankbait.  Super sensitive, great in the hand feel and looks sweet. 

From: Greg: Mass

Comments: I have the 7 ft. medium action Plastics rod. Very well balanced with the Revo SX. Not only is this rod prime for light T-Rigs and Stick baits. I have found it extremely effective with squarebill crankbaits. I would recomend 12 pound test Sunline Super Natural mono. THe line stretch makes the rod action fine for CB's   getcha one!!!

From: Logan

Comments: I Have the 7' Med Hvy and i love it. Great price, even better price. Will be getting more soon!

From: Samuel: Crystal, MN

Comments: Love my Big Crankster Mojo Glass Rod.  To those commenting about the weight and size, that is the nature of a glass rod vs Graphite. The Mojo Glass still has great backbone and the sensitivity is very good as well.   Very pleased with my Big Crankster.  I have previously owned the MBC70MF (plastics rod), and it was also a very nice setup. 

From: Eugene: Wheeling, IL

Comments: I got to use this rod side by side with the abu garcia veritas i like the mojo alot better its more senseitve better looking and better quaility

From: Iowa, US

Comments: Wish the grip was longer but that is the only complaint. Awesome rods!

From: Danny: Milan, TN

Comments: These are alright rods. They have good flex to them alright back bone but they are a little heavy. They way like the average skeet reese rod. You get what you pay for but they are not a powell rod or a Shimano. I would give them a seven out of ten.

From: James: Somewhere, TN

Comments: I first got the med-heavy cranking and med. plastics rod and can't say enough of this great rods. I had to go for more. Very good rods!!!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ

Comments: Just got the cranking rod and Im impressed great rod for the price.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: Great rod worth the money sensative i recomend the jig and worm

From: Stone: Indiana, USA

Comments:  Got the Spinnerbait rod.  Found it WAY too tip heavy for my liking.  But after getting it balanced (took nearly 2.5 oz of lead to do!)  it fishes like a dream!!

From: David: Sauk Centre, MN

Comments: I have the 7' medium plastic series rod and I love it I can throw Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, dropshot rigs, and even wacky and even weightless Texas rigged soft jerk baits this rod is perfect for basically every type of plastic. The only problem is that the tip got loose once but I fixed it other then that no problems

From: Thomas: Chicago, IL

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