If you are looking for sore arms, and a worn out reel, then this masterpiece of crankbait is not for you. Stanford Lures designed the DBC Deep Big Cedar Crankbait to be the best deep diving crankbait on the market. The near neutral buoyancy of its cedar composition makes it very submarine-like, allowing it to stay deeper longer and easier. This means you can catch fish with the DBC all day - without breaking a sweat. Available in a range of proven, hand-painted colors, each Stanford Lures DBC Deep Big Cedar Crankbait is 100% made in the USA, comes equipped with only premium components, and is hand-tuned by Dieter Stanford, himself.

Stanford Lures Length Weight Depth
Deep Big Cedar 3.5" 3/4oz 12ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Probably my favorite fishing technique is throwing crank baits. The DBC has become my favorite crank bait to throw since I started using it this summer. Compared to Strike King or Norman, the DBC is so much easier to throw for hours on end. I would highly recommend them if you want to catch more fish!

From: Cody: TX

Comments: When casting this bait it does not tumble. Comes through the water colum with very little resistance and has a really nice shimmy. If your looking for a deep bait that you can fish all day, this is it. This is my clean up lure. After going from rattles to silent baits and the fish shut off, I can pick the DBC up and get them fired back up again. If you fish ledges or points this is your new bait. I have better luck with the Charteuese colors.

From: Rusty: GA

Comments: I picked up a couple of this at the bassmaster classic this past year just wondering if these handmade crankbaits really did out preform the big companies like strike king, bomber, and lucky craft. what i found was that they had such a lifelike hunting action that i was beginning to catch more and bigger fish. At first glance i was scared at the price but now I am a believer of cedar cranks and will be trusting them in all of my upcoming tournaments. Stanford is #1 in the crankbait business!!

From: Cody: Tallahassee, FL

Comments: I absolutely love this topwater! I bought a couple out of curiosity to help me stock up my wooden crankbait box. Boy did I make the right choice! I have been looking for a wood crankbait that could perform not only around wood, but chunk rock and pea gravel. The action and buoyancy of this bait makes it deflect off cover and structure like none other! I'd definitely suggest this crankbait to anyone! 

From: Brennan: Ozark, MO

Comments: These deep divers crankbaits are hands down the best. I have been fishing them for the past six months and they have been wacking them. You can cast them a mile and they run true. The 6xd is a practice bait compared to these bad boys.

From: Jon: PA

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