Are you looking for a shallow, indestructible bass fishing lure that casts like a missile, and hunts like a hopped up, paranoid bait fish? Well, if you are ... the Stanford Lures Patriot Shad Crankbait is the answer. Constructed out of cedar instead of balsa for maximum durability, this small, dense, durable bass fishing lure deflects off everything but bass. Available in a range of proven, hand-painted colors, each Stanford Lures Patriot Shad Crankbait is 100% made in the USA, comes equipped with only premium components, and is hand-tuned by Dieter Stanford, himself.

Stanford Lures Length Weight Depth
Patriot Shad 2.5" 1/2oz 2-4ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: definitely a high quality bait in terms of action and fish-catching ability, but it leaves something to be desired in the hardware department. I had a fish smash it 5 feet from the bank in clear water and saw the whole bait disappear into the mouth of the bass. I set the hook, yet somehow it got off on the first jump. Very low quality VMC hooks. However, once I replaced the hooks with #2 KVD triplegrips I couldn't have been happier with it. Great wobble, very durable, and it deflects very well. I love the computer chip bill. I just wish for the $20 pricetag that it came with premium trebles.

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: Great Product, I used this last week for the FLW EverStart and when all other crankbaits were not producing, I switched to this bad boy !! I love the Patriot Shad in all colors, they have there place, is the best thing i can say, somedays the fish just want something a little different and this does the trick, summer shad you rock !!

From: Bryan

Comments: Great crankbait, runs straight, deflects really well of rocks and wood and is really reallu durable compare to some square-bill other companies make

From: Alexus: Montreal, Canada

Comments:  This shallow runner square bill smokes all other square bill cranks.  Cedar is the ticket.  Great cast ability. Runs true out of the box. You want a great crankbait for bass in the backs of creeks in the fall. Get this one! Yu wont be disappointed.

From: Jon: Coatesville, PA

Comments: Good crank but hooks are crap and it does not weigh 1/2oz. like listed but 3/8oz.

From: Dan: NY

Comments: Awesome baits! Some days the wood bite is way better than the plastic bite and the Stanford Patriot Shad is what I reach for!  Great finishes, runs true, deflects well and backs out of hang ups almost as well as balsa.  Best wooden crankbait on the market, bar none.

From: Joe: Dallas, TX

Comments: Hooks had to be sharpened before I could fish them.

From: David: TX

Comments: by far the nicest baits ive ever seen! if you are a cranker you have to try these! im personal favorite color is the summer shad!

From: Kyle: Itasca, IL

Comments: Great Baits, fish love them. Best cedar baits by far.

From: Steve: Dothan, AL

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