Handcrafted from high-grade cedar grown in the Pacific Northwest, the Stanford Lures Razor Shad Medium Diving Crankbait is 100% made in the USA with only premium components. The unique density and composition of cedar gives it a more neutral buoyancy. This allows it to suspend longer in the strike zone, whether on a stop-and-go retrieve or when it comes into contact with cover. Cedar also gives the Razor Shad its unique tight wobbling action, and characteristically deadly "hunting" action on deflections. Available in a range of proven hand-painted colors, the Stanford Lures Razor Shad Medium Diving Crankbait is made for highly pressured conditions.

Stanford Lures Length Weight Depth
Razor Shad - Medium 2.5" 3/8oz 6-8ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: little too much hype in previous review for me.

From: David: TX

Comments: Ranked number 6 in FLW magazine this month Stanford Cedar lures does more than just find its self in the top 10....it performs !!! The razor has out lasted and out done every crank bait I own. I fish my root beer and Tennessee colors through what ever rip rap and rock I can find, most anglers would cringe at the idea of running a custom cedar bait though rock, but that's why I'm catching the big ones! The razor has great deflection and boyuncey Êthat gives the fish something to react to. The sold paint and construction hold up to the toughestÊstructure you can retrieve and runs straight as an arrow! I would recommend this lure to every tackle box!!!! Pro tip - great for fishing around docks, take a pair of needle nose pliers and bend the eye ever so slightly to left or the right, so there is a curved retrieve. Then cast to the far side of docks to create a fleeing appearance from the outside corners ! ÊGood luckÊ

From: Bryan Texas Pro: TX

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