Stanley Bull Ribbit 4.5" 3pk

Stanley Bull Ribbit 4.5

Of all the baits out there, a frog is one of the most exciting lures to fish. Bass explode on the Stanley Ribbit. It's absolutely heart stopping action. You can work this weedless wonder over logs, grass beds, and lily pads. Rigged properly you can work this lure almost anywhere.

Length Quantity
4.5" 3

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Couple this bait with an80085 Owner Double Trouble Toad Hood over grass or pads & it will attract big bass. Great bait!

From: Brian: Lakeland, FL 2/6/16

Comments: Here's a new one - I use this on a weighted swimbait hook (Owner Beast 4/0) and slow roll it on the bottom - It's basically a double swimbait with both legs kicking away - been killing largemouth - especially at night!

From: John: Gilbert, AZ 2/26/15

Comments: When there not hittin hollow bodies or really anything. throw one of these and it will do the trick!

From: Keaton: Chattanooga, TN 9/17/14

Comments: Favorite toad bait ive tried. The bull ribbit size casts much better than the smaller ones and it causes more commotion over the pads. Got a 5 Pounder yesterday on it. Best way to rig is with 6/0 owner screw lock hook. Holds up to several fish.

From: Zev: NC 8/31/14

Comments: After 2 hours on the lake I caught 13 bass with them and a 5/0 offset hook and 8 of the bass were over 3lbs and produced bites even during the mid-day sun. great bait and were durable, caught 9 bass off of just 1.

From: Aaron: NC 5/9/14

Comments: Do not hesitate to buy these they are my favorite frog and I just about use them all. I use hollow bodys and zoom horney toads live target blah blah these can handle about three fish each frog which is great considering horney toads rip after about three casts. Very fun to work and let me tell you they definitly produce a bite if the fish are there and its not to sunny out! givem a try!

From: John: Sarasota, FL

Comments: Love it, i like to put these on a chatter bait and work  in on the surface

From: AJ

Comments: great baits. rig them weedless and throw them over weed matts. Favorite colors are lilypad and watermelon red with a pearl belly.

From: Micah: Dawsonville, GA

Comments: Great bait that can double as a buzzbait in heavy cover. Use the hook designed for it and pause before striking when a fish blows up on it. This is a must have during the summer months up north. Bait saved my partner and I at least one time while fishing local tournament. Smaller version will catch smallmouth.

From: Todd: Valley Forge, PA

Comments: Right now this is my favorite bait to throw. I use a Skinny Bear 4/0 Monster EWG hook and rig it weed less.  We set up strait on weed lines and throw them bass slam  these things when the do slam it make sure they have it and HOOK IT. I caught two 4.5 pound hogs yesterday. Im only 15 years old. Tony from Madison, WI you  need to learn how to fish dont listen to him thats BS.

From: Lane: Strathmore, CA

Comments: Best frog bait out there! Have used for years now and they are amazing for bass, northern, and (steel leader)Muskie

From: Mark: Chicago, IL

Comments: This frog is not worth the money. Worked this over some of the best frog fishing areas in the country and never even got a hit. Dont waste you money. I cant stress enough how much i hate these frogs. Any way you work them they suck.

From: Tony: Madison, WI

Comments: Best frog on the market and very durable can take alot of abuse from fish.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: great for pike and big bass.

From: Kurt: NJ

Comments: by far the greatest frogs iv ever fished!! thanks stanley u have a awesome product. my fav colors are black and watermelon red with a pearl belly

From: Joseph: Bryan, TX

Comments: Had a great late day trip out right before the cold weather arrived in force with the Cajin Crawfish pattern.  In 90mins, my son and I landed 3 muskie, 2 northerns and 4 largemouth.  Were fishing these across matted grass.  It was the first time we had used these and they worked GREAT!  The weight gave us great casting distance and the durability held up in the heavy grass mat and against the teeth of the muskie/pike-caught multiple fish on a single bait.  Will be ordering more in the Spring!!

From: Scott: Hudson, OH

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