Stanley Da Bug 4.25" 6pk

msrp: $5.99

There are hundreds of creature-style baits on the market today, however, none have the realistic look and feel of the Stanley Da Bug.  When bass inhale their prey, whether it’s perch, crawfish or shad, they all have on thing in common, the tickling sensation as the prey tries to desperately free itself.  To create this sensation, Stanley has placed rows of tentacles on the underside of the Da Bug to fool bass into thinking they’ve got the real thing. Large claws and appendages, equipped with flanges, also generate an enticing action and give the bait an ultra-realistic appearance in the water.

Designed to be fished with Stanley's 4/0 Double Take Hook or your favorite 4/0-5/0 heavy worm hook, each Stanley Da Bug is loaded down with a heavy dose of garlic scent to mask human odors and make fish hold on even longer.  Available in a variety of proven colors, the Stanley Da Bug is raising the standard for creature baits.  

Length Quantity
4.25" 6

14 Colors

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