The Floating Ribbit is an excellent choice when a slower presentation is needed. The Floating Ribbit can be fished in similar fashion to a Pop-R with a stop and go retrieve. Throw the Floating Ribbit in the thickest slop and slowly work it through and pause it in open pockets. The Floating Ribbit from Stanley is a must have in your soft bodied frog box.

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4" 5

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a great frog only complaint is it is not that durable but this definitely catches some nice bass biggest bass I seen caught on it was 4lbs

From: Alander: NJ

Comments: I used this floating frog today on the tidal Potomac with my kids.  We caught a lot of 2.5 to 3 lb bass with it.  It did float a 5/0 EWG hook without any diving.  It skips nicely.  I used a Do-It hitchin' post to attach the nose to the bend in the hook.  I am ordering more now.

From: Jeff: New Windsor, MD

Comments: Get that rod tip up the minute it hits the water and start your retrieve immediately. If you keep the nose up with a high rod tip the legs start chugging. Don't stop reeling or it will slowly submerge. This thing is a beast.

From: Nick: Burkburnett, TX

Comments: Best frog on the market... nothing can compare!!!


Comments: these are great for stop and go retrieves when the fish are alittle slower. the only problem i have with the floaters is they tear very easily. im big on saving money anyway i can so these are great frogs i just wish they held up a little better

From: Joseph: Bryan, TX

Comments: best large mouth lure I ever used. ditch the cork screw hook and use a standard red weedless hook. the nose shouldn't dive. It has worked as flawless as it gets. I have put this lure through the worst possible conditions you could imagine!!! The proof is in the pudding, or I should say on my wall. Don't believe me. Just try me!! Want to see some mad northern and musky action? Make me a 6 to 8 inch with a weedless stinger rig, and I,ll get every I know HOOKED on those as well. Its a good thing these frogs are really hard to find, because I'm the only one around with the ace in the hole!!! I swear by these frogs.

From:Tim: Northfreedom, WI

Comments:Basically same as the ribbit (original), accept you can fish it slower. Dosen't really float all that well.......


Comments:This frog has worked well for me. The floating aspect isn't that great, the nose sinks and the feet kinda keep it up near the surface. However, the small amount of buoancy that the feet provide allow you a little bit of leeway when it comes to keeping this bait at the surface. You don't have to instantly start cranking this to keep it kickin on the surface, and the action is pretty good. This bait has caught me a fair share of pike pickerel and largemouth.

From:Sean: Whately, MA

Comments:This bait only JUST floats, when I rig it the front it sinks sometimes. This would be a great bait to use if it had more buoyancy so it could be used as intended. As it is, I have wasted my money buying this. The standard sinking bullfrog is great when you want one that sinks - this "Floater" lets the side down.

From:Gordon: Atlanta, GA

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