Stanley Hot Feet Ribbit 4" 5pk - $4.39

The Hot Feet Ribbit is a 4-inch soft plastic frog with uniquely colored feet. The feet create realistic "kicking" action with an added "flash" that looks, feels, and sounds like a live frog jumping across the water. Rigged with a 3/0 to 5/0 wide gap hook inserted into the body, the Stanley Hot Feet Ribbit cuts across the thickest grass where the biggest bass hunt.

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Stanley Hot Feet Ribbit 4

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  • Black Pearl
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  • Grn Pump Red Prl Chart
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  • Watermelon Red Chart
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  • White Chartreuse
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Comments: I love these frogs I'm a tube die hard for them. When  I got a different buzzing frog I watch the action and saw it was no we're close to the performance to make the rabbit. These frogs are dutiable but if you the stanly ribbit hooks get a size lower because after ten or so fish and continued use the legs rip from the hook to the inside of the leg

From: Cavanaugh: St. Louis, MO 9/25/14

Comments: once i ran out of horny toads this was the only frog i had left, im glad i ran out of horny toads. These were great ill be buying more of these 5/5

From: B: MI

Comments: I haven't tried every frog in the world, but of the many I have, this one is the best.  Nice buzz, pretty durable, and it produces for sure.  I get nervous when I see my bag is getting low.

From: Ian: Little Compton, RI

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