Stearns Re-Arm Kits - $29.99 to $34.99

Made specifically for use with Stearns Inflatable PFD’s, the Stearns Re-Arm Kits keep your life jackets and harness’s ready-to-go in an emergency. The package includes a cylinder that is made to fit a specific model of Stearns flotation device (see chart below), and step-by-step rearming instructions. Add another season of use to your PFD with the Stearns Re-Arm Kits. 

 **Can only be shipped via ground**

Re-Arm Kit Compatible Vest
0975 1275 A/M PFD
0954 1431 A/M PFD
0932 1217 A/M Harness
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Stearns Re-Arm Kits

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  • Stearns 0575
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  • 0954
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  • SOS 1275
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