Stick Jacket Casting

*Eliminates tangled rods
*Protects line guides & tips
*Easy push on & off installation
*Great in boat rod lockers, storage tubes and bags
*Impervious to salt, mold or mildew
*Breathable & will not retain water
*Snagged hooks are very easily removed
*Hang rods for storage
*High abrasion resistance
*Lightweight and flexible

Stick Jacket fishing rod covers prevent rod tangles & are easy to use. The unique braided construction and wide expandability make for easy on and off installation. Use over large line guides on fully rigged rods. Stick Jacket rod covers are great in rod lockers, rod storage tubes, or the bed of your truck. Stick jackets are made of a tough polyethylene filament that is virtually impervious to salt as well as resistant to mold and mildew. The braided material behaves like the old "Chinese finger trap" gripping your rod for snug protection and ease of hanging for storage.

The Casting model will fit rods with a maximum circumference of 3-7/8"(max diameter of 1-1/4"). The overall length is 5-1/2' and is designed for casting rods from 5-1/2' to 7-1/2'.

14 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I absolutely love these!  I probably own 20-25 of them!  I have never had the problem of guides or rod tips getting through the material.  I have to store all of my rods in my boat, so these have been amazing, and keep me from spending valuable fishing time trying to untangle rods and reels from one another.  I also own a few of the Rod Glove brand and I like them just as much.  Don't think you could go wrong with either one!  

From: Daniel: Knoxville, TN 1/8/17

Comments: bought six in the patriot color, never had 1 problem. The only thing i can begin to say is that the color faded, that's it. I really don't know how you can have a problem. these work great on my 7'

From: Will: Jordan, MN 5/12/16

Comments: These aren't made for micro rods - get the Stick Jacket Microcast. Get the XL for Rods 8' or longer.. I use these on rods 6'8"-7'6" with no problem.

From: Russ: Canton, GA

Comments: I wnated to know if these fit 8 foot skeet reese rods

From: Jacob: Wellsville, Ohio

Comments: only fits 6'6 my micro guides always pop out trash.

From: Mike: NJ

Comments: These are great.  I have a 16ft bass boat with a single 7ft rod locker and I can fit all 31 of my rods with reels in my locker thanks to these.  I have tried a few other brands and they all work the same.  I did have a microguide rod poke through on one so I put a different brand of jacket on that one only.  This was my only issue so I bought a different brand jacket with a different tip

From: Andy: Medford, WI

Comments: these suck i got 1 and the eyes pop out and it only fits a 6 foot 6" rod

From: Nick: Texas

Comments: completely reinvented how i store my rods on my boat my boat is only 17'6" so it does not have a big rod locker before i purchased these i was only able to put maybe 4 rods in there now i can store 10 and my guides wont get messed up so it dont bother me anymore putting them in there buy these they are worth it they will protect your investment

From: Candlewood bass

Comments:If you have a 7'4 and up get the XL size. The spinning version is rather cumbersome and I don't like it at all. I love the casting version though. Anytime I get a new setup I will be getting a stick jacket for sure!


Comments:Great stuff! Keeps my rods from getting tangles and scratched. A little pricey though.

From:Brian: San Francisco, CA

Comments:Seem to work okay, but I am a little bummed that normal sized line guides will slip through the weave. It doesn't make a tear, it just makes its way through pretty easily. Other than that, they perform as expected. I really hope TW will have these on sale again soon, because I don't think I'd pay full price for them.

From:Marc: Oxford, MI

Comments:These work great, as far as breaking tips. I am careful when putting them on not to make the rod rip out of the jacket. As for as the paint on the guides, maybe you should have bought rods where the guides aren't painted. Look at it this way, you have paint on your reels and if they slide on your boat, where does that paint go? Off the reel.

From:Chris: Indiana, USA

Comments:I like them but there is room for improvement.

From:Skip: Atoka, TN

Comments:I like them, I have a smaller boat and these let me slide the rods in and out of my smaller rod box with ease. Rods don't get hung up with these. Material won't absorb water and the are easy on and off.

From:Bill: Southwest Missouri

Comments:I liked the product till noticed it was scratching the paint off the guides on my brand new Loomis rod.

From:Jacob: Elberfeld, IN

Comments:These things are a joke...not good material at all. Just get a rod rack in your rod locker and don't worry about piling your rods all together anymore anyways.

From:Jon: Phoenix, AZ

Comments:Awesome product! Saw them at another place, but got mine when they were 20% off. Keeps all my rods form getting tangled in my cubby. Scott must have done something wrong.

From:Steve: California, CA

Comments:If you are sick and tired of your rods getting tangled up in your rod box, this is your answer. I keep 7 to 8 rods in a smaller size Tracker rod box and was always struggling with my rods getting tangled up. Not any more, these were the solution.

From:Keith: Madison, GA

Comments:These are a great way to keep your rods from tangling up in your rod box. I had my doubts about the easy off easy on but they really do slide on and off in seconds.

From:Gary: Tallassee AL

Comments:This is a great product! Protects rods and eyes when when moving them around (scraping against walls, etc.) and stops them getting tangled in the rod box. Quick on and off, and easy to remove hooks from.

From:Frik: Gokwe, Zimbabwe

Comments:Junk, don't waste your money on these things. It's a great idea just, the wrong material! This mesh material allows-even PROMOTES rod tips to poke through the end allowing rod tips to break (happened to me) and still get tangled. Wish I'd have never bought 'em!

From:Scott: Gilroy, CA

Comments:These things work great! No more tangled rods in my rod box.

From:TM: Centre, AL

Comments: Great product. Keeps my rods from tangling up in the rod box and keeps the rod guides safe. Great for keeping organized and protecting your rods. Also is the best thing since sliced bread.

From:Jim: Miramar, FL

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