The Classic Thin Fin profile goes lipless with the Strom Rockin’ Shad Lipless Crankbait. Offering a strong vibrating body, the Rockin’ Shad’s multi-ball rattle is raspy and loud when ripped or retrieved. On the fall, the Rockin’ Shad sinks head down with a side to side “Rockin” action, transmitting an intermittent cadence rattle. Graced with external scales and 3D Holographic Eyes, the Rockin’ Shad’s exterior adds a sense of realism. Backed with premium black nickel VMC treble hooks, the Storm Rockin’ Shad means business. Available in a variety of killer colors, the Storm Rockin’ Shad is ready to Rock!

Storm Length Weight Class
Rockin' Shad 6 2.5" 1/2oz Sinking
Rockin' Shad 7 3" 3/4oz Sinking

Treble Hooks

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are excellent crankbaits. My son and I have been using them the last 6 months and they are now my favorite crankbait. We have caught hundreds off bass on them. Started out using #7 size but then tried smaller #6 and they kill it too. My favorite color is blue steel I've caught the most bass on it. My biggest bass was a 7.3lb on the #6 Rainbow smelt, all the colors work well. We've caught a bunch of 5-6lb largemouth and a ton of 2-4lbs. Bass will hit them on the drop. They cast a mile and are durable, long lasting paint job, good price, and good colors. These are great lures for lakes holding shad and bluegill.

From: Paul: Jupiter, FL 7/31/15

Comments: I would not suggest anything else when it comes to reaction bites!  This lure I found works best for post spawn largies that are eating the fry after they hatch.  This lure you can fish at slow speeds and keep it in the strike zone and keeps up the sound and action!  The best color of choice for me is the baby bass color in the # 7 size.  The cast ability is amazing as well, you can really bomb this lure out there to keep it in the strike zone longer and increase your chances of catching fish!  Not only all of this, but it also deflects cover like nothing else! I can rip this through weeds, bring it over stumps, fish it in rip rap, and over rocks. This lure I'm going to rate a 10/10! this is a great lure for any beginner crank bait anglers who want to catch a variety of nice fish!

From: Cody: Ripon, Wi.

Comments: good but not great.  Finish isn't that great but has nice action on the fall. I haven't really caught a whole lot of fish on it where others are whacking them. 

From: Gman: southern ny

Comments: By far the BEST lipless crank i have use. Have been catching Big bass for me. Best color that worked for me was the bluegill. Buy it you wont regret it.

From: Nhia: MN

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