Storm Smash Shad

Designed to swim with a deliberate, steady cadence, the Storm Smash Shad Crankbait is on track to being an instant classic. Offered in phenomenal color schemes and graced with external scales and 3D Holographic Eyes, the Smash Shad features a UV Bright finish that reflects more light energy and strengthens the lure's visibility. Internally, the Smash Shad is engineered with a loud rattle system that helps produce “smashing” strikes by all games species. Backed with premium black nickel VMC treble hooks, the Storm Smash Shad means business.

Storm Length Weight Depth Class
Smash Shad 6 2.5" 1/4oz 5-10ft. Floating
Smash Shad 7 2.75" 3/8oz 6-12ft. Floating

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4 Colors

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    Model No. SMS06592
    Black Chrome Orange
    Size Stock Qty
    6 2
    7 5+
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    Model No. SMS06612
    Hot Blue Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    6 5+
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    Model No. SMS06613
    Rainbow Smelt
    Size Stock Qty
    6 4
    7 5+
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    Model No. SMS06611
    Threadfin Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    6 5
    7 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've got a couple of these. I'm not a fan of some of the colors, but they've got a few of the go to colors that look nice. I've caught a few bass on these so far. They seem to run well and hold up well. I'm sure they'd work well for walleye too. Not a bad price either. They're slightly cheaper than a Shad Rap, and they're very comparable now, considering that Rapala bought out Storm.

From: Seth: Pittsburg, PA 7/9/14

Comments: I have been reading up on the Smash Shad from Storm Lures for awhile now. Looked like a great quality crankbait. After testing it out, I was impressed with it in some areas but not so much in others. To start with, Storm's website is no help in seeing all the colors available. I would like to see some pictures of the actual bait, not a cartoon style. That said, they do offer it in 22 different colors. Most are kinda off the wall, but a few look good. My test model was the black chrome orange. The better color of the cranks in my opinion. The quality of this crank was top notch. No flaws in the paint, no chips or cracks. Bill is very strong with no flex. Split rings are strong with no give. I love VMC hooks. One of my top favorites. These Storm cranks sport them. Very sharp and size #4. That was a big plus. I like that the manufacture lists the brands. Crank had a nice fish scale textured surface. 3D eyes looked great and were glued on well. Price was on the higher side. I rate these as a low middle of the road crank. I would be more comfortable with a price averaging around 3.00 to 3.50.
Overall, I think these will be a good crank to try out. Nothing really jumped out and grabbed me about them, but they do work and could find a place in anyone's tackle box.

From: Richard: Edmond, OK

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