Storm SuspenDots 80 Dots - $5.29

When an angler really gets serious about bass fishing there isn't a lure that can't be tweaked, painted, cut, or modified in some way to make it perform better. Two of the most useful products on the market today for modifying baits are the Storm SuspenDots and SuspenStrips. The Dots and Strips are cut out of sheets of zinc with adhesive backs that can be placed on any lure when you want additional weight. They are perfect for making a floating lure suspend right in front of a piece of cover, forcing a big bass to bite. SuspenStrips can also be used to change the attitude or the angle of dive on crankbaits. By placing more weight on the diving bill you can force the head of the lure to get down quicker, dive deeper, and stay down longer. When the head is deeper, your bait will wiggle more violently at a slower speed which makes your bait more noticeable to a bass. Try weighting the tail of your lure making it not dive quite as deep, this will enable you to swim a big crankbait over shallow cover. These Storm SuspenDots should be in every serious anglers tacklebox ready for use.
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Storm SuspenDots 80 Dots

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Storm SuspenDots 80 Dots $5.29

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