The Scoot'N Craw from Storm Lures is a combination of two baits in one. The Scoot'N Craw features the shallow diving lip of a crankbait and soft plastic body making it ideal for slowly crawling the bait across shallow flats or down rip rap banks. The erratic action teamed with natural color patterns give you a bait to mimic the crawfish perfectly. The soft plastic body of the Scoot'N Craw gives you unmatched action that will attract attention and strikes from wary and pressured bass.

Storm Length Weight Depth Class Hooks
Scoot N' Craw 4" 1/2oz 6-7ft Slow-Sinking VMC

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: You gotta use it kinda like a jerk bait not real hard jerks short small jerks keep rod tip down keep it on the bottom yes it is a little slow but not to bad ive had really good luck with it, it moves very realistic once you get it down n ive had a 4 pound smallie hit it ive had a 1 pound smallie hit key is to keep it on the bottom n when you get it down youll notice that the bill keeps it on the bottom n gives it the eratic scootin realistic motion on the bottom

From: Adam: Portland, MI

Comments: Horrible Horrible product. I bought 10 @ $60 and they all perform horribly. Was extremely excited about this crankbait for creek smallmouth. I cant find one productive way fish it. Guess i get to just stare at them.

From: Kirk: Mooresville, IN

Comments: more of a finesse bait as its not a sttright wind, more of a flick flick flick flick retrive with pauses. goes off if used correctly

From: Roy-J: Australia

Comments: Very misleading bait.  You think it is a crankbait . . . . NOT!  You have to fish this thing really slow if at all.  Not sure if it would be worth messing with for anything except bedding fish.  When you reel it in it helicopters like crazy.  Pretty disappointed.  Definitely needs some instructions from the factory.

From: Coach Pat: Owasso, OK

Comments: When i bought this crayfish It looked good and all but when i threw it out and reeled it in it spun instead of swimming like it was suposed to.

Comments: Did not run straight when first used, the tuned it but then it ran in circles.  I don't think it is supposed to do that.

From: Burt: CA Delta

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