Storm Thunderstick Madflash Deep

Storm Deep Thunderstick Madflash feature the original ThunderStick swimming actions and rattle except they swim much deeper than the original. The upgraded holographic finish and body colors maximize flashing for greater fish attraction. The external scale pattern provides an additional level of authenticity.

Storm Length Weight Depth Hooks
Jr. 3-1/2" 5/16oz 6-15ft. VMC Barbarian
Standard 4-3/8" 5/8oz 10-24ft. VMC Barbarian

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

5 Colors

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    Model No. DAJM563
    Black Silver Flash
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Std. 5+ $4.99
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    Model No. DAJM561
    Firetiger Flash
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Std. 2 $4.99
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    Model No. DAJM582
    Molten Steel Glow
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Std. 4 $5.49
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    Model No. DJM581
    Olive Chartreuse Glow
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Jr. 10/31 $4.99
    Std. 4 $4.99
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    Model No. DJM565
    Pearl Ghost Flash
    Size Stock Price Qty
    Jr. 4 $4.99
    Std. 5+ $4.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought this bait for striper trolling on braid and leadcore. The first time I trolled with it, the bait needed tuning right out of the package. Also after 5 minutes of use it came back full of water and didn't swim right. This lure is junk go a different route for deep divers.

From: Chris: Las Vegas, NV 2/22/15

Comments: Trolls well on braid, pretty easy to get the big one to between 15 and 20 feet, and it seems to hang up less on the bottom than some other lures. LMB seem to like it, as do striper

From: Scott: Youngsville, NC

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