The Wild Eye Rippin' Shad Swimbait from Storm comes pre-rigged with a large single hook in the back and a treble 'stinger' hook on the belly so any way a fish strikes these baits they will find a hook. The plastic is PVC reinforced to keep from tearing up easily and the eye is a unique 3D, light refracting structure that really attracts attention. The narrow tail section in front of the large paddle ensures plenty of swimming action and the way the lead head is attached to the eye of the hook allows you to fish this swimbait at almost any speed. These Wild Eye Rippin' Shad are a great value and a fish catcher.

3 per pack

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I caught a 9 lb Kansas monster on the baby bass color and several others from 4-6 lbs the same day! They crushed that thing, my thumbs were sore.

Comments: I fish some local ponds and haven't had to much luck. I have caught a few small panfish with a rooster tail and ratltraps. I tried this swimbait and nailed 3 Bass within 7 casts. I am now very curious to try the other sizes and styles. I forgot to mentioned I was able to use the same swimbait, it held up very well.

From: James: Witchita, KS

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