Storm Wildeye Live Gizzard Shad - $5.29 to $5.79

The most popular baitfish on the planet - the Gizzard Shad - is now available in the most realistic series of baits - the Storm WildEye series. Featuring a detailed, holographic swimmin' flash foil and a tough yet soft outer body, the Storm WildEye Live Gizzard Shad delivers an incredibly lifelike swimming action. Its internally weighted body also keeps it perfectly balanced, and its natural color patterns and Gizzard Shad profile have been proven to fool bass across the Country. Also equipped with a premium, super sharp VMC needle point hook and belly treble hook, the Storm WildEye Live Gizzard Shad is in a league of its own.

3 per pack

Storm WildEye Length Weight
Live Gizzard Shad 3 3" 1/4oz
Live Gizzard Shad 4 4" 3/8oz

2 Available Colors Sign up for Storm Swimbaits news and updates.

  • Natural
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3 $5.29
    4 $5.69
  • Olive Back
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3 $5.29
    4 $5.79
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