Storm Wildeye Live Goby 3" 1/4oz 3pk - $5.19

The Storm Wildeye Live Goby is a highly detailed fish catching bait at an unbelievable price. The Wildeye Live Goby is molded around an internal lead head and is ideal for slowly crawling across the bottom. The natural color patterns of the Storm Wildeye Live Goby mimic a goby perfectly and will trigger aggressive strikes. If you are venturing to a body of water where the goby is a known forage species be sure to take along a pack or two of the Storm Live Wildeye Goby's.

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Storm Wildeye Live Goby 3

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Comments: I took a trip to Ontario this year and HAMMERED the walleye and small pike on this exact bait.  I out fished live night crawlers with this bait trolling at a very slow speed.  Caught at least 30 toothy critters and still have the 1st bait intact.  Awesome value too!

From: Jim: Elgin, IL

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