Change colors or replace damaged bodies without re-tying - the Storm WildEye Pro Paddle Tail Swimbait comes equipped with three interchangeable jig heads, and features a unique top slot that allows the body to be changed without retying. The WildEye I-Bolt System positions and secures the jig head into the durable PVC Soft Body, and the different weighted jig heads make it easy to be prepared for almost all fishing conditions and depths. Featuring a realistic body shape complete with translucent finishes that resemble popular baitfish species, the Storm WildEye Pro Paddle Tail Swimbait’s paddle tail moves with a subtle thumping action, while the body swims with a side-to-side roll.


-3 jig heads - (3/8oz - deep/fast, 3/16oz - shallow/slow, 1/4oz - variable)
-2 bodies

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Poor swimming action.  Better off with Hammer Heads.

From: KX

Comments: Good looking swimbait but that's all. No swimming action at all. The bottom walker from River2sea has better action and the price is OK.

From: Al: Monterrey, Mexico

Comments: Some swim great, some don't. You would be taking a chance if you bought a pack.

From: Tom

Comments: This is a great bait! Love the swimming action.

From: Mike: Onalaska, WI

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