Stren Brute Strength is Extra Strong, Extra Tough, Castable, and Manageable. Other "extra strength" monofilaments advertise superior strength, but their line can be fat, stiff and hard to cast. Stren Brute Strength is different. A proprietary new co-polymer formula provides extra strength while remaining more flexible and easier to cast. Finally, an extra strong mono with the freedom to cast effortlessly! Stren Brute Strength Monofilament!

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 17lb 20lb
Inches .010 .013 .015 .016 .017 .018 .019
Millimeters .25 .33 .38 .41 .43 .46 .48

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It's very misunderstood. This line is tough, I caught a 4' 5" paddle fish on the ohio river that weighed 21.5 lbs. on an ugly stik micro combo. I had good results, and still do until this day.

From: Harry: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: a little hard to manage at first but this is great line especially compared to trilene, its tough, low stretch and somewhat abrasion resistant. and to top it all off, it looks sweet!

From: Perry: WI

Comments: a little bit stiff at first(feels more like flouro), but it is STRONG, and after it breaks in it is very manageable and still strong!

From: Perry: WI

Comments: I use this in 12 lb on a walmart blackmax combo baitcaster and if i can cast a weightless texas rigged zoom worm no one should have problems with this line. It's tough as hell and casts good. Understand though this line is thick, it will feel rigid like flouro at first, but after it breaks in it's awesome.

From: NH

Comments: Stren is purely amazing!! Cheap,strong,reliable,and has helped me win many tournaments ! I am a serious fisherman and this stuff is all I will ever use

Comments: This is one instance where you absolutely have to buy your line based on diameter as Brute Strength is the thickest line on the market. Ten pound is about the size of most 15 lb. That being said,if you buy based on diameter and not its marked pound test, it is actually pretty good line . Not really better than others, but not any worse.

From: RD: TX

Comments: this line is bad it sucks i made a first cast and huge backlash

From: Ryan: Chillicothe, Ohio

Comments: it is sooooooooo bad dont ever buy it........

From: Zach

Comments: I gave this product a bad review for being high memory and it being wirey, but i take it back. Once this stuff breaks in its a great all around fishing line. I use the 8lb it breaks at like 14lbs, abrasion resistance is tremendous,and it casts like regular 8lb mono. its a little thicker than regular 8lb mono but is WAY more durable. sorry stren/berkley

From: Bubba: NJ

Comments: Great line! I use 15lb on my pitching rod, and this year I landed a 8LB Bass pitching a jig around tree tops. Not to good for casting, but great for pitching and flippin.

From: DC: TX

Comments: Horrible fishing line. stren should discontinue this line and act like this fishing line never happend

From: Bubba: NJ

Comments: Finally TW...... This is Best Mono line out there. Never lost a fish when using this line.

From: Timmy: CA

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