Don’t be fooled by fluorocarbon-coated imitations, Stren Fluorocast is a true fluorocarbon that casts like a nylon monofilament.  Amazingly sensitive, it provides excellent knot and shock strength for hard hooksets, and is virtually invisible to fish.  Its high density also allows lures to run deeper.  Stren Fluorocast 100% Fluorocarbon - the smooth casting fluorocarbon.

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 17lb
Inches .009 .010 .012 .013 .015 .016
Millimeters .23 .25 .30 .33 .38 .41

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought a couple of spools out of pure necessity before a 3 day event - 6# and 12#. For the price it was excellent. Strength was excellent, memory was average but no worse than Suffix or Sunline, knot strength was excellent. With line, the user can affect the overall quality so if you understand basics of knot tying and drag utilization this line is worth the money. Only down side was that the overall casting distance was probably 3-5% less than the 6# Sunline I had spooled on an equally equipped set up.

From: Chris: Lake Havasu Citiy, AZ 12/29/14

Comments: Have tried tons of flouro lines over the years. This is my favorite. I have this line spooled on all my reels except my topwater outfits. (Not a braid guy) Flouro sinks and interferes with the action of a topwater. Have found this line to be the most mono like of the flouros as regards handling and softness. Highly recommend. One caveat - make sure you really wet your knots well before drawing down or you will cause a weak spot in the line. I think everyone who has complained about breakage with this line has failed to wet their knots properly. As long as you make sure to inspect your new knots to make sure that you did not damage the line, this line will not let you down. One can spend much more on flouro but I just don't see the point

From: Nate: AR 4/12/14

Comments: My normal go to fluoro line is Berkley Vanish or Berkley Trilene 100% fluorocarbon. Only couple of my freshwater spinning reels are completely spooled with fluoro line, otherwise I normally use fluorocarbon line as leader. My reel was due for new line anyways so I stripped all the old line, then put Stren fluorocast line on. I'd have to say, it is slightly on the stiff side by the way the line would coil off the reel like a spring when I opened the bail. Now, when used as a leader, I have nothing negative to say at all. It is just as strong as any other fluorocarbon line I've used. Tied palomar and clinch knots with ease, and strong knots at that.

From: Won: CA 4/11/14

Comments: This is the worst fluoro on the market. I bought a bunch of spools on sale and I'm very disappointed. I've tried all different fluoros and from now on I'll stick to Berkeley trilene pro grade, vanish and seagar. This line is wicked stiff and it jumps off the spool too much while casting no matter how you set your spool tension and brakes. I'm only gonna use it as backing and maybe leaders

From: Jay: Coventry, RI 3/18/14

Comments: I have used this fluoro for a few years now and tried others also. The price is right for those of us that have to budget our fishing expenses. The reviews for the more expensive fluoros are about the same or similar, but without the cost. No I haven't tried them all, but after losing some money on lost lures using the more expensive fluoros, I gave this a try. What I have learned is this; Pros-Not losing lures! This is inexpensive and pretty strong. I like using it as a leader tied with a crazy alberto knot to my braids for shakey and jigs. I use a small swivel on the braid with this for dropshot junctions(takes twist away). Cons- a little "mushy" on hits and hook sets(not too bad). Twist when using it on spinning reel. Some fraying, but at least I have that visual warning compared to the sudden explosions of the more costly lines. Overall I am pleased and have confidence that this will not let me down. I have thought about trying something else, but still have the nightmares of the other($$$$) lines. I don't use fluoro for cranking anymore, Big Game mono. Gamma Co-poly for my spinnerbaits. Overall I am pleased, and have more money for other gear!

From: Tony: PA

Comments:  Great fluoro for my spinning rods. I use 8#/6# for wacky/drop shot and have landed bass up to 7 lbs on 8# and 5 lbs on 6# (even with some nicks on the line).  For some reason, sometimes it does break while tying a wet palomar knot (slowly) but I just re-tie until I get a strong knot. It is noisy through the guides(like Berkeley XL), probably because it is limp doesn't have the abrasion resistant coating that some lines do?  Line conditioner will reduce the noise.  Most importantly, whether I'm fishing co-poly, mono or fluoro on spinning reels, once on the water (but before I begin fishing), I cruise 5 mph with about 100 ft of line (no lure attached) behind me for about 100 yds and it will take out most of the line twist.  Makes a huge difference and a much more enjoyable day when your line is flying through the guides.

From: Keith: Sacramento, CA

Comments: I bought this line because I have been using stren mono for years with no complaints.  The price tag was also a plus.  The 10lb test used has held up nice.  It is a little stiff but for the price it really cant be beat.  I have had hang ups were I could not break the 10lb line even after rough use.  I would buy again.

From: Eric: Houston

Comments: Would never trust this line again. Costed me a tournament after breaking off three fish. Terrible knot strength and not very abrasion resistant. You get what you pay for when it comes to flourocarbon.

Comments: I  must say i can not recommend this line.I picked up a spool of 17plb last night for pitching a 3/8 jig .The line cast Fair but has lots of memory and it makes more noise coming through the guides than my normal brand.Also the line sensitivity leaves a lot to be desired,It provides a Soft spongy feel.This makes it very hard to keep good contact with your lures.Also after a fresh Retie and tying a proper knot i had it break above the knot losing a nice fish.This line just does not have the Strength, abrasion resistance or castability.I would SERIOUSLY recommend spending a little more and go with a better this line will let you down .Sten mono is great but this line needs to be re formulated or Discontinued

From: Chris: KY

Comments: great line got 15 lb floro for jigs and does not fray and cast well

From: diamond valley lake

Comments: i got this line replacing some vicous 17lb floro, and i gotta hand it to stren for the price the made some solid line! i use 15lb on my lew's tournament mg and it cast a mile. i also use it as leaders and is so smooth, limited stretch and lots of abrasion resistens, i fish lake st.clair alot so i need some clear line and i will not buy another brand line! ive caught smallmouth, lagemouth, pike , and walleye on this line, sensitive so you can feel all bites! this is no joke the best fluoro for the money!(better then berkley 100% trilene) in my opinoin

From: Dale: ontario canada

Comments: First fluorocarbon line i've ever used and i must say i'm impressed. Relatively inexpensive, and very strong once the correct knot is tied. Casts very well, even better than my trilene easy cast mono. Nearly impossible to see it in the water, but easy to pick up above so you can watch your line for those more subtle bites.

From: Dan: CT

Comments: I read all the reviews on this line and was hesitant to try it, but I bought a spool anyway to try for myself. Used the 12lb test for pitching docks and wood this weekend for the first time and I came away impressed. Hooked a tree limb and literally could not break the line off. Pulled the whole limb right to the boat. Was going to re-tie, but didn't. 3 casts later hooked a 3.5 pounder that wrapped me around a dock post. Got him off and landed with no problem. Hooked 4 more quality fish in some timber and lilly pads. All without re-tying and no break offs or problems of any kind. The line cast great and held up perfectly. I was also fishing another rod with Suffix Invisiline Fluoro and did not notice any difference in performance or quality to this line. I will be buying more and would not hesitate to recommend.

From: K.G.

Comments: Terrible. horrible memory

From: Jay: TN

Comments: I have caught many fish with this line it cast good and is really tough and it doesn't cost to much. this is the line to buy.

From: Jacob: USA

Comments: Be carefful, look at the line before you buy stren. I have bought spools of line before where the line, straight off the spool in box is twisted.

From: James: FL

Comments: I have never had any problems with this flourocarbon and I have been fishing it in a lot of situations for about two years now. As far as fishing line goes, that is about all you can ask for.

From: Ryan: Fairfax, VA

Comments: I dont know where these other anglers are having a problem , I use 12# and 17# and it is tough as nails . Fished it all summer and only had to retie one time for  abrasion , so strong I dont loose lures , you just pull the log or limb out of the water ! I love it ! works great and for the money as good as it gets.

From: Jackie: Madison heights, VA

Comments: avoid this line. Really bad. Bad memory and a hassle

From: Nate: LA

Comments: this is a great line. It is very sensitive and has a great price

From: Clayton: Sulphur, LA

Comments: Decent flouro for the price but not the best. I throw crankbaits all the time around timber, its one of my favorite ways to catch bass, and this line just seems too fray a little bit more than others. its still a good line though, but I prefer Berkley Vanish for the price point.

Comments: Dont listen to the bad reviews of this line. people post bad reviews because its cheap and they want to sound cool. Dont sleep on flourocast

From: Scott: ME

Comments: Avoid Stren's Fluorocast at all costs. Friend and I had (3) breakoffs on our hooksets this past weekend, and they were all halfway up the line (not at the knot). We were both using 12-pound test and fishing jigs and soft plastics. While this may be ok for reaction baits such as crankbaits, it does not have a durable strand in its body. Hope this helps you make your decision. I'll stick with P-Line or Seaguar.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: i spooled this on my abu garcia orra sx and i think it is decent for the price im defineitly going to buy this again but probbly for my spinning reels

Comments: I use Stren with majority of my reels and I must say that I am extremely dissapointed with this line. I spooled a my Citica with twelve pound and the line snapped every time I tried to tie a palomr knot. I would not recommend this line to any fisherman. Save the money and buy better quality flouro.

From: Adam: Grovetown, GA

Comments:  Worst fluorocarbon I've ever tried. I was really unimpressed with it's handling capabilities while casting, but the performance on the water disgusted me far more. I was throwing a chatterbait on 17lb test on a freshly spooled reel & went to snap it out of some weeds & the line broke half way between the lure & me. It also seemed to have more stretch than other fluoros I've tried, as there were a couple of hooksets where I slammed them & could just feel the line stretch & stretch, even with a super stiff rod for driving the hook home. All fluorocarbons stretch no matter what the marketing hype says, but this was the most stretch I've felt & it doesn't even come with the good handling that usually accompanies stretchier lines. I've tried most of the Pure fluoros outside of Stren 100%, which I have a spool to try this year, & I think it's worth it to invest the extra coin in Trilene, Spiderwire, Seaguar, virtually any other quality reputation fluorocarbon out there than this.

From: KC: NW Iowa

Comments: This is a solid line for the price. If you keep breaking off your palomar knot, tie a san diego jam. It has not failed me with fluoro, including this line. I do use a different (more expensive) line for tournys but I can't afford to strip through $30 spools. Thats why I love this line. It serves its purpose. 

From: Adam: Ontario

Comments: For the last few month, I have used Stren Fluorocast 100% Fluorocarbon Line 12lb for small shaky heads. I am impressed with the smoothneth of cast and strenghth.

From: Casting Jack: Dallas, TX

Comments: I have used only stern for the past 2 years. ii have 15lb fluro on my worm rod and spinner rod this line is nice. it casts nicely, I've even had times where i snagged my lure and had to pull in 30 pound logs with this line and it would NOT break I'm more afraid of my lure flying at me then this line breaking.

Comments: This is an excellent line for the price.  It casts well and I have had no problems with breakage - a lot of that has to do with using the right knot - as with any fluorocarbon line. 

From: Kirk: TN

Comments: Overall I like it and will continue to use it. I find two faults: Abrasion resistance is less than I'd like[I say that about every line I use]and it would be nice to have a 500 yard spool of the stuff.

From: Jim: Medford, OR

Comments: As good as any flouro I've ever used. Great line for the price....Have used both 15 and 17 lb. test with no issues.....No complaints.....

From: Al: Dothan, AL

Comments:  I have only used the 17lb for fishing jigs.  I have had no issues.  It is a bit stiff, but nothing a little line conditioner will not take care of.  I have had other lines twice the price break on me.  I am impressed!!

From: Jim: Woodstock, GA

Comments: The worst line i have ever fished!!!!! Ive been fishing the 10lb and i have other 4lb tied on that is 100% tougher!!!

From: Soc et 2 em: CO

Comments: 17lb test- first bite- set hook- line breakage- second bite- set hook- line breakage-----conclusion: line is junk.....stripped off line and remaining spool into the trash...............glad I wasn't fishing a tournament.

From: John: Manassas Park, VA

Comments: Fantastic flouro for the money.  The only line I ever use.  Like any flouro, it'll break if it gets nicked, but other than that, it's better than trilene 100% for half the price.  I have it on all my rigs and there are NO breakage issues.

From: Jason: Irmo, SC

Comments: the worste line i have ever seen this line is a disgrace to the fishing world i even made a video of how easily it breaks with my hands and posted it to youtube.... if you fish to put em in the boat i will save you some money here, dont buy this garbage

From: Colby: Oregon, USA

Comments: Very Very good floro line.  The line is very manageable and ties very well.  Just need to remember that with any floro line before cinching on the knot wet the line because it causes friction.  Otherwise I've had little memory.  I used the same line all year with no problems.  At best a little squirt of Kevin Van Dam line conditioner more than does the trick.

From: Mike: New Bedford, MA

Comments:  I've used just about every Fluorocarbon line made, and this is by far the best handling, best casting Flurocarbon made.  No issues with abrasion resistance or break offs.  All of my reels are spooled will be spooled with this line.

From: Tim: Burlington, NC

Comments: In my own opinion, this line casts even better than mono, and with a saliva covered palmer knot, it seems strong enough for me.

From: Mark: Carbondale, IL

Comments: Good line for the price.  It has some memory issues, but becomes manageable with the use of line conditioner.  Have not had any problems with break offs and has good knot strength.

From: Tim: 

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