Strike King 3X ElazTech Denny Brauer Chunk

Strike King 3X ElazTech Denny Brauer Chunk

The Strike King 3X Denny Brauer Chunk is salt impregnated for the perfect action of a jig trailer. The softness of the 3X plastic makes the claws flutter as it falls. When it hits the bottom they will float and flare up as you work the jig across the bottom. The Strike King 3X Denny Brauer Chunk is hands down the most durable chunk we have ever fished.

Strike King
Denny Brauer Chunk
Length Pack Qty.
Bitsy 2" 3
Jr. 2-1/2" 5
Std. 3-1/8" 5

2 Colors

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    Model No. 3XDBBC-2
    Black Blue Flake
    Size Stock Qty
    Bitsy 10+
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    Model No. 3XDBBC-30
    Brown w/ Black-Copper Flk
    Size Stock Qty
    Bitsy 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The 3 1/8 Inch in Green Pumpkin is one helluva fish-catching bait. It's also tough as nails, holding up to fish-after-fish and jig-after-jig. Some products stand out; this os one of them.

From: Barry: Atlanta, GA 12/5/15

Comments: Great trailer. High floating which I really like. It lets the jig stand up better, and gives it a slower fall so you can use heavier jig a shallower water. I just don't buy them from tackle warehouse. I use the larger sized trailers and they only have one color in the standard size.

From: Sam: WI

Comments: this bait is an amazing trailer! it's not only very durable and will hardly never have to be replaced, but the material causes the jig to float up and flare out for great action. dont keep out in the sun with other baits though! they will melt!

From: Jim: Charleston, SC

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