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The Strike King Baby King Shad fills the small swimbait niche that has become so popular across the country. Not everyone fishes in areas which have 8-inch forage and that's where the Baby King Shad comes in. At 3 inches in length, the Baby King Shad has a life-like action and bait fish profile that is effective pretty much anywhere. The single jointed body gives the bait a remarkable swimming action and flash while tracking perfectly through the water. Outfitted with premium hooks and components, this flat-sided hard body swimbait is available in a variety of great colors to help you catch that monster of a lifetime.

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3 Inch #4

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Customer Reviews

Comments: See lots of comments on the broken bill at the joint. Same happened to me. That said its a good lure, one I'll go to sometimes in clear water besides shallow crankbaits, good in that 7-10' depth over grass. Doesn't weigh a ton but actually casts ok on Med. power bait casting tackle and 12 lb Fluoro, Not a go to at all for me by any means but not a bad lure.

From: Tom: Ham Lake, MN 12/18/14

Comments: I have used this as a shallow(.5-3ft) search bait in chunk/ gravel rocks, and the size of the smallmouth have been sick! First time out 2 18+. Second time out a 22in. All from small rivers in western Ohio, where a 16in fish is good size. I'll buy everyone you have! Very durable, great colors, perfect size!

From: Beau: Tipp City, OH

Comments: With the great price TW has these going for right now, buy as many as you can. I did have one bill crack but the wind threw it into a rock. Crank it steady and twitch it 3 times and let it sit for a second or 2 and the bass HAMMER it. I have never used this without catching a fish. First time I tried the king shad and baby king shad I caught a fish on the first cast on BOTH sizes. I have used it twice in the past 6 trips and have caught 8 good largemouth, a 12" crappie, a 16.5" and a 20" smallmouth on this. well worth this especially for the great price.

From: NBM: NE

Comments: Don't bounce it off the timber or rocks. Breaks at joint very easily. Broke two in one day at Texoma.   

From: DDC: Ardmore, OK

Comments: Great bait! My go to night bait! Largemouth, smallmouth and especially stripers smash it when shad are in the shallows spawning.

From: Nate: Daleville, VA

Comments: mine swims on side, its nose went bad when realing it back in. I haven't caught one fish on mine so i gave it to another fisherman, Might stay away from this folks, if its catching fish for you then buy it. I caught nothing so i stopped using them.

From: Alex

Comments: These are awsome lures, caught many good size bass on but all 4 that i own have broken lips. Not sure if i should buy them again....

From: Leng: Siloam Springs, AR

Comments: Badass lil lure, great alternative to shallow crank.

From: JP: Petaaluma, CA

Comments: The Baby King Shad is a nice little lure.  Good for when the bass are reluctant to hammer one of the big swimbaits.  Love all the color choices, ghost minnow has been the most effective for me.  Heck, even crappie love it!  I caught one that was nearly three pounds one evening.  It was delicious!

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments::nice action perfect size. I'm looking forward to catching all kinds of bass with the new Baby King Shad.

From:Anthony: Eddyville, KY

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