Delivering a comfortable, stylish and functional fit, the Strike King Breakwater Sunglasses offer the best value on or off the water. Designed to block 100% of harmful ultra violet light and reduce eye strain, they also remove glare from the water so you can see fish and the habitat below the surface.

APT (Advanced Polarization Technology) provides greater visual acuity, as well as, improved contrast and sharpness. A more rigid lens material and smooth “state of the art” coating also creates greater resistance to scratches, and hence better optical performance.

Gray Lenses - Best for bright sunny conditions.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These glasses are nice.  I have had a lot of junk glasses at this price point and i like these a lot.  One major benefit is the ends are small enough to use a strap, and maybe i will not loose or step on these right away.  I am very hard on glasses and if they get a scratch i throw them away.  I will be getting more.

From: John: Groton CT

Comments: nice glasses for people on a budget  cuts the glare very nice , these glasses are so underated but just be warned they are a  bit small

From: Ricky: Orange, CA

Comments: Affordable, comfortable and not ridiculous looking.  Cuts down on glare nicely, but isn't in that "x-ray specs" level of quality.  For $13, a steal for everyday wear and fishing.

From: Austin: St Paul, MN

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