Incredible life like action and baitfish profile draws the attention of the biggest of largemouth bass, striper, musky, pike, peacock bass, etc... The King Shad is 4" long and is flat-sided for a unique fish-like swimming action.

Strike King Cranking Depth Length Weight Hook Size
King Shad 0-4ft. 4" 0.9oz #2

Treble Hooks

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Biggest 5 fish limit I've ever caught in Kansas came on the gizzard shad color king shad, 30lbs 2ozs. They are fragile so don't cast them onto rocks or bounce them off docks. For $6 though they're well worth it.

From: Clayton: Gardner, KS

Comments: This Lure is trash! I bought it about 7-8 months ago and never used it. I just took it out of my tackle box, I caught a 2 lber on it. After the fight I reviewed the lure and it was fine. I casted it into a school of shad that was getting torn up by some bass and I noticed it wasn't swimming right. I reeled it in and the bill was broken off. Goodbye $20.00.

From: Michael: Ohio

Comments: Figures I'm the sucker that spent the full $20 on it. For 8 dollars yes buy it. Great action and I have caught some monsters, and surprisingly enough the hooks are great quality I didn't have to switch them out like you do with some hardbaits. It is very breakable though the joint just seems "to" plastic. But grab them while they are on sale. Don't try and throw these on 10lb mono either this is a bigger bait so treat it like one.

From: Jack: CT

Comments: This is a great bait. Swims well. Works best at a fast retrieve. People say it breaks easily but I have caught 20+ solid fish on mine and all It has is scratches. Definently worth the price.

From: John: CA

Comments: I bought one and it broke on the 4th cast with out hittin anything!

From: Mike: Mckinney, TX

Comments: I caught a few fish on them but make sure you dont cast towards the bank and hit a rock or bounce them off trees because they are super easy to break. I hit it once against the bank once and it broke at the joint had it happen with two different baits the same day.

From: Cameron: Stillwater, OK

Comments: kvd make this a two or three joint in future, that would be awesome, similar but not same as higher expensive baits 3:16 but less price and kvd model. That would be killer new strike king bait.

From: Alex

Comments: Maybe a toy for my pet Peacock bass lol.j/k,  looks like a nice lure but my fish says don't buy it for fishing his species lol. (yes i do have a big Peacock bass in a giant tank and he's a great fish)

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: Caught a 5 lb fish off this bait in texas. I hope KVD upgrades it with stronger action. Good fishing folks!

From: Alex: Kansas

Comments: They catch fish but are made in a hurry . Don't hit anything hard with em or they'll blow up. If they do send them back to strike king they  will replace it no questions.

From: Sam: South East, PA

Comments: These are strong and swim great!

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: Too small & light. Maybe it can be cast on 10 lb. test. I don't like it, especially for $21. I got mine at a retail store (same price). Definitely not a "big-fish bait" down here.

From: Ron: Orange Park, FL

Comments:  Good bait.  Stable at fast retrieve speeds.  Good hooks.  Older models had weak joints that tended to break.  New King Shads have a metal pin in the joint to strengthen it.  New ones are very durable. 

From: Rowland: Newport News, VA

Comments:Same thing happened with me. otherwise great bait for monster bass.

From:Shane: Hinsdale, MA

Comments:Good lure, catches big fish. Only problem is I have had one break at the joint..... maybe a defective lure, only had that problem on one.

From:Joe: California

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