The Strike King Monsta Sunglassesfeature big lenses for wide coverage and a stylish look. Proven to block 100% of harmful ultraviolet light and reduces eyestrain, the Monsta's enhanced lens material also helps remove glare so you can see exactly what's going on below the water's surface. Very comfortable as well, the frames provide a close fit and excellent support.

APT (Advanced Polarization Technology) provides greater visual acuity, as well as, improved contrast and sharpness. A more rigid lens material and smooth, state-of-the-art coating also creates greater resistance to scratches, and hence better optical performance.

Gray-Blue Mirror Lenses - Best for bright, sunny conditions, the blue mirror further reduces glare.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Had large scratches on one of the lenses right out of the box. I was looking for a cheaper pair to have that I wouldn't worry about losing. Returning & spending a little extra cash on a higher quality pair.

From: Dustin: Ashburn, VA 8/17/16

Comments: Great sunglasses for the price. I have a pretty big head though and they start to hurt the area behind my ears after a long day. And the lens are prone to scratches; but if you get a different case for them, this is easily remedied. All in all, a great pair of polarized sunglasses.

From: Cale: Durand, WI

Comments: I am mad hard on my glasses. Tried a 180 dollar pair and FAIL..scratches all over in like a week. I rock, not ugly, and they fit my big melon like a champ. If you lose or break glasses a lot, and have a huge dome, try these.

From: Meatwad: Grinding

Comments: Very stylish and comfortable, also very cheap. I have learned that you get what you pay for when you buy certain things and sunglasses are one of those. Lenses are VERY scratchable, mine had a blur of scratches when I removed them from the plastic case they come in. Tackle Warehouse has the best stuff anywhere! Take a look at some of the more higher priced shades they offer if you want quality. Try the Wiley X brand.

From: Bill: WV

Comments: great glasses for the price... however, i have had mine for two weeks and taken them out for our five times and the lenses are already getting scratches. other than that they scratch easy they are good glasses. comfortable

From: Christopher: Warsaw, IN

Comments: These sunglasses prove that you don't have to spend over $100.00 to have a good pair of quality sunglasses. They are built well and work really well seeing down under the water. I've lost 3 pair of these in the water! I'm glad they didn't cost a fortune like some of the brand name ones. They're a great bargain.

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