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Strike King Pro Model Series 1 & 4S Crankbait - $4.59

MSRP: $4.29

All Pro-Model crankbaits feature lifelike 3-D eyes and free floating rattles.

Strike King Series 1 A small, shallow diver with high buoyancy, the Series 1 is designed to be thrown around heavy cover. The square lip design makes it excellent for deflecting off of cover and triggering reaction strikes.

Strike King Series 4s runs a foot shallower the the Series 1 and has a unique wide wobble action that drives fish crazy. This crank is excellent for fishing in and around heavy cover especially in stained water where most anglers like to throw spinnerbaits. The Series will often allow you to catch big fish right behind the guy throwing a blade.

Strike King Length Weight Dive Depth Hook Size Class
Series 1 2" 1/4oz 2-5ft. #6 Floating
Series 4S 2.5" 3/8oz 2-4ft. #4 Floating

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

Comments: The Series 1 is a sleeper of a little squarebill. These came out before Strike King ruled the bass bait world, so they aren't flashy as some of the newer baits. Who cares? I don't.

From: Jay6: USA 6/22/14

Comments: I like the action of these lures. However, I am very disappointed and upset with the quality of the hardware. The first time after I used these lures, the split rings and hooks were rusted the very next day after I used these lures. It's a shame that I have to buy a $5 lure, and then change out all of the hardware after one day of use.

From: Seth: Pittsburgh, PA 6/8/14

Comments: The Pro Model Series 1 Crankbait is one of the most effective lures I've ever used for largemouth bass. It has an excellent wobbling action and high quality eyes. I replace the tail hook with VMC Sure Set Treble for the inline hook set and oversized stinger. The only problem with Strike King is that they do not offer a realistic bluegill pattern, in spite of the prevalence of this forage species in lakes throughout the county. This necessitates my having these lures repainted to simulate bluegills, especially in their brilliant spring spawning colors and somewhat less flashy summer colors.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ 3/1/14

Comments: I tell you, the KVD cranks get all the love, but both the Ser.1 and 4s catch the crap out of them. I like the 4s BETTER than the KVD 2.5

From: Basswipe: NY

Comments: I like this lure a lot I got it in blue chartuese it is the best color personally

From: Jessie: Lompoc

Comments: great crank catches fish of a types i caught my biggest green sun fish on this bait.

From: Clay: IA

Comments: firetiger works well here in Fl. caught a 9 3/4lbs.,6 1/4, 4around 3lbs. gators like them too. lost two other lures to the gators. I think hooks should be smaller. They get hook the front &back hooks.

From: Ben: Leesburg: Lake Harris, FL

Comments: Great little squarebill. Change the hooks, they suck.

From: Meatwad: Crankin

Comments: Strike King cranks are alright, but the paint jobs are cheap and the hooks are terrible, and the bills break off. I would spend the extra money and get xcalibur cranks if i was you. they will last a lot longer.

From: Damon: Milford, IN

Comments: I have caught fish on this bait, but after about the third fish, the bill broke. I dont know what for? But other than that, its a great bait!

From: Ryan: North Carolina, USA

Comments: This little crankbait is unbelievable. I have caught my biggest cranking bass on this in about 7 inches of water,it was about a six pound largemouth.This bait looks great in the water catches fish but it isn't very durable,but I love these baits SK dose a great job of making crankbaits!!!!!

From: Jack: New Hampshire, USA

Comments: This lure will catch you fish, my only complaint is the durability. Paint takes a beating and mine have taken water after catching a few fish. I'll probably still be buying them tho, as the SK cranks simply produce for me, just the durability have been a problem.

From: Brant: San Diego, CA

Comments:The Series 1 is perfect for fishing heavy cover because the square lip bounces right of the stumps, logs, and rocks.

From:Shane: Hinsdale, MA

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Strike King Pro Model Series 1 & 4S Crankbait

15 Available Colors

  • Baby Carp
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 1 4+
  • Black Back/Chart
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 1 5
    Series 4S 5+
  • Blue Chartreuse
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 4S 2
  • Chart Belly Craw
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 1 4+
    Series 4S 3
  • Chartreuse Sexy Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 1 5+
    Series 4S 11/1
  • Clear Sexy Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 4S 11/1
  • Firetiger
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 1 4
    Series 4S 11/04
  • Gizzard Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 1 11/1
    Series 4S 5+
  • Green Tomato
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 1 3+
    Series 4S 3+
  • Org Belly Craw
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 1 4+
    Series 4S 4+
  • Pearl Chart Belly
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 4S 3+
  • Sexy Blue Back Herring
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 1 1
  • Sexy Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 1 5+
    Series 4S 5+
  • Sexy Sunfish
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 1 5+
  • Tennessee Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Series 4S 5

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