Like nothing most bass or bass anglers have ever seen, the Strike King Rage Eeliminator combines the profile and movements of several popular bass prey to create one unique bait. The large, roughly 2-inch body of the bait and the long Rage Tail combine to create an unbelievable swimming action. Very versatile, the Eeliminator can be fished Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged or even weightless and slow rolled just beneath the surface. Denny Brauer is a big fan of the Eeliminator and feels its multiple applications will make it one of the hottest lures on tour. Protected by US Patent # 7,774,974.

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5" 6

Strike King Rage Eeliminator rigging instructions.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These baits are really good carolina rigged i even sometime use them for flipping, flips pretty good also. If you buy it retrieve it slow over weed beds in the spawning season

From: Nathan: British Columbia

Comments: These baits are pretty good. they are not very durable but more than that the fish love em. i went through a pack and a half in one day, must have caught over forty fish in that one day. over all i would recommend these to a friend cuz they just plain work, but they're not that durable so if you get the get a few packs.

From: Justin: Washington, D.C.

Comments: i used this rigged weightless for topwater i also riged them on a finesse carolina rig and texas rigged i didnt even get a bit then i used the pearl color today on a white swim jig in the first 10 casts i caught a 1 1/2 or 2 pound bass that just destroyed it. they arnt very durable they always seem to rip on the very middle one ripped on my from just casting it but all in all i will buy more and hope for more luck

From: Jack: FL

Comments: these tend to draw ALOT of short strikes,to me its a copy of a lunker city salad spoon but strike king just added a longer tail,i prefer the lunker city salad spoon it has a shorter tail with just as good action,they need to make these in a shorter tail version.

From: Sam: Chicago, IL

Comments:  I got some VICIOUS strikes on these however I hooked up worse than I do with a topwater frog bait. Not sure what happened. The big slam bites were fun but not getting them buttoned up stunk. I have mixed reviews I guess.

From: Brent: San Diego, CA

Comments: i love these soft plastics..... i have been using them since they came out and have had alot of success with them. just be sure to use a big wide gap hook if you dont want to miss fish because the body is very thick, the body is fairly thick so it is also very durable with awesome action, just like any soft plastic it works well being rigged multiple ways but this also works well for topwater bite when they dont want something to loud.

From: James: Toledo Bend, LA

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