Strike King Rage Tail ReCon Worm

Strike King Rage Tail ReCon Worm

The Strike King Rage Tail Recon Worm features a Rage flange on the tail for increased action similar to that of the popular Anaconda worm, and it also has a large ringed body for a softer, more natural feel to fish. The rings help it displace more water, and are designed to increase the number of bites over conventional worms. Part of Strike King’s Rage Tail line of baits, the Strike King Rage Tail Recon Worm uses a customized high-grade plastic for superior action. Available in a variety of awesome colors, see what the Rage is all about.

Length Quantity
8" 7

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5 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These swim great!! But really doesn't last long. In my opinion everything it can do you can also do with a 7.5" Culprit worm and that lasts longer with more colour options

From: Lourens: South Africa 5/13/14

Comments: Love the new look but only get about a dozen casts Texas rigged then lose it due to ripping. Wish it had a solid spot even very small to rig on. Swims excellent and has a dramatic slow fall when jigging but took me half a pack to get it right and keep it on the hook for a few casts.

From: Sean: Wichita, Kansas, USA

Comments: yeah these rip but only after a few fish, and most are big. Been fishing these bad boys for a month now and I'm getting 25+ fish per bag. Can't complain about that. There's a reason there are 7 to a pack, and mend-it works as well. These catch anything from dinks to pigs. My biggest so far was 5-12.
Try these, you won't be sorry.

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: These rip VERY easily when thrown on a trig or c-rig

From: Adam: IL

Comments: I love all the Rage Tail products but these rip extremely easy in the center when T-Rigged.  They're great for rage rigging but rip ridiculas easy T-Rigged due to the ribs and thin center.

From: Mike: Stroudsburg, PA

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