Strike King Series 3 Silent Crankbaits - $4.99

Now providing a more subtle presentation for generating strikes from spooky and heavily pressured bass, the Strike King Series 3 Silent Crankbait is a small-bodied deep diver that is ideal for catching a lot of fish, while still attracting those big bites.  One of Strike King’s most popular models, now in a silent version, the Series 3 Silent Crankbait still has the enhanced castability of the original, so it can reach its maximum depth quickly - and start going to work.

Strike King Length Weight Dive Depth Class
Series 3 Silent 2" 1/4 oz 8 ft. Floating

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Citrus Shad
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Strike King Series 3 Silent Crankbaits

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  • Citrus Shad
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  • Gizzard Shad
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  • Powder Blue Back Char
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  • Sexy Shad
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Comments: Great bait flat out catches fish..

From: Travis: Burlington, NC

Comments: Awesome bait, can be used anywhere catches tons of fish. First time i used it i caught several over 4 and one over 6. Works even better when stock hooks are swaped out for #4 KVD Triple elites.

From: David: Spokane, WA

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