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Strike King Lure Company, the makers of the popular King Kong, King Shad and Wake Shad jointed swimbaits are proud to introduce the new Sexy Swimmer to its line-up. The Sexy Swimmer is a double jointed hard plastic swimbait that is 5" inches in total length and weighs in at 5/8oz. The Sexy Swimmer does not have a diving lip, but is instead a slow sinking swimbait designed to be retrieved at various speeds with unbelievable action and attraction to fish.

"The Sexy Swimmer is an awesome addition to our already stout swim bait line-up," says 2008 BASS Elite Series Angler of the Year Kevin VanDam. "I am really excited to have these in my arsenal for the 2009 tournaments season, the action is the deal on this bait and I look forward to catching some really big fish on this lure."

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Lure has good action but broke at the back joint on the first few casts. Durability is definitely not the best.

From: Tayler: TX

Comments: Lure Snapped when a fish shook when I had it by the lip. This lure is garbage. Disappointed in the quality compared to other strike king products. This bait has no through-wire construction, it is all molded plastic with crappy joints. Dont bother

From: Chris: ME

Comments: Has good action but it surfaces easy when you reel too fast

Comments: this lure works well it has caught me a 8lb bass in wisconsin waters very good

From: Brandon: WI

Comments: Durability not given, breaks at joint when hitting stones. not recommended

From: Anthony: Ohio

Comments: i haven't caught one fish off this bait, it has good swimming action but nothing, i caught big fish off strike king king shad but nothing on this. I guess the fish in my area don't like it. Might try other swimbaits, God bless

From: Alex

Comments: best hard swimbait for the price!! i only used it in winter time in the sexy ghost minnow pattern, was usin it as a jerkbait 25 foot deep excellent!

Comments: Wow amazing bait I busted fish all on this lure out in the delta. It had teeth marks a missing eye and much of its paint lost. However, when it counted most it broke in half on a 5lb bass....... I give it 2.5 stars out of 5 only because it broke.

From: Kris: Sac, CA

Comments: the swimbaits are awsome if you are going to get a swimbait get one of these. they catch big fish and are cheap. the best colors are blue gizzard shad and sexy shad.

From: David: CA

Comments: there is one word to describe this lure. excellent....absolutly excelent. but you must be sure to tie a good solid knot, i caught a 7 pounder and forgot to re-tie and the very next cast.....it broke off


Comments: this lure is amazing in sexy shad color, you can work it anyway your heart desires, you could be like KVD and burn it. but i belive this is a major mistake to do that.

From: Wendell: USA

Comments: Love these baits. I am not a swim-bait guy but I do enjoy tossing these around in the AM or later in the day. Great action and comes threw cover amazingly well.

From: Brian: Quincy, MA

Comments: Brought one on a canoe trip to canada and it was the only bait I had to use. It caught muskie, pike, smallmouths, and walleye of all sizes. Even smaller fish will attack it ferociously. My only regret was just bringing one as a large pike decided to cut it off the second to last day.

From: Kurt: Black River Falls, WI

Comments: Perfect action, I have used different swimbaits but none of them match up to the Sexy Swimmer. This lure rocks, good job Strike King!

From:Anthony: Eddyville, KY

Comments:This bait is way better then a magic swimmer, good job Strike King.

From:Billy, Los Angeles, CA

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