Strike King Tour Grade Heavy Hook Football Jig

Strike King Tour Grade Heavy Hook Football Jig

Perfect for those times when you need a little extra muscle from your football jig, the Strike King Tour Grade Heavy Hook Football Jig comes equipped with a super strong, heavy wire Gamakatsu hook. Its wide football-shaped head provides you with a better feel of structure and cover, and also helps the bait stand up on the bottom. Its flat eye line tie also helps resist snags, and combined with the extra-sharp 60-degree Gamakatsu round bend hook, aids in hook sets. Available in a range of proven color combinations, each Strike King Tour Grade Heavy Hook Football Jig features a double powder-coated paint, color-coordinated weedguard and premium skirt for more lifelike action.

2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Pretty great jig. Paint chips off a little easier than some of the other jigs I have fished but the fish seem to like the color of the Green Pumpkin Craw skirt.

From: Spencer: San Diego, CA 3/10/15

Comments: This is such a great jig I can't talk say enough about it. I had used the other SK Football Jig and the hook was awful. I am so glad that Strike King listened to the anglers and bulked the hook up because these things are awesome. Caught a ton of largemouth on these things. Great job Strike King 5/5

From: Connor: Galatin, TN 12/13/14

Comments: This Jig is absolutely awesome. Strike King has listened to the anglers, and hit a home run. You can drag this across a flat and turn around and flip it to heavy cover and not worry about bending the hook out. Works great for swimming, dragging, and flipping. Top notch.

From: Ben: Raleigh, NC

Comments: This jig is the best jig ever the first time I got it I caught two nice bass. The paint on it chips kind of easy but it's still a nice lure

From: Jessie: Lompoc

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