Strike King Tour Grade Tube Jig Heads 4pk

The Strike King Tour Grade Tube Head Jig features a weight forward design and a 60-degree black nickel Gamakatsu round bend hook, perfectly made for tubes and hollow bodied swimbaits. The long, tube-shape, jig head with the line eye extending at a 60-degree angle, creates the erratic fall key to catching big fish on tubes. Easy to rig, simply insert the jig head into the hollow tube and push forward until the eye of the jig pokes through the plastic.

4 per pack

Tube Baits

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S.K .Tour Grade Tube Jig Heads 1/8oz $3.79 10+
S.K .Tour Grade Tube Jig Heads 3/16oz $3.79 10+
S.K .Tour Grade Tube Jig Heads 1/4oz $3.79 10+
S.K .Tour Grade Tube Jig Heads 5/16oz $3.79 10+
S.K .Tour Grade Tube Jig Heads 3/8oz $3.79 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I am one of those people who hate to use a tube Texas rigged. I want more of an erratic fall on the tube and can't seem to get it like I wanted. I recently found some water where there is lots of open areas to run a jig head that's not weedless. I picked these up on sale and wanted to see how they worked. The first thing I noticed was the sharpness of the hook. Its super strong and very very sharp. Lead is very accurate in weight at 1/4oz that I purchased. I really like the eye being horizontal with the hook as well. Over all I am very satisfied with this tube jig heads. They are easy to rig, come in packs of 4 and right at under 90 cents a piece.

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