Strike King Wake Shad

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Strike King Wake Shad

Building off the momentum the King Shad has brought over the last years and listening to fisherman has led Strike King down the path of a topwater Waking swimbait. "Waking," means reeling a lure slowly on the surface so it leaves a wake. The Strike King Wake Shad does that and more. Identical to the King shad in every which way with the exception of the front lip which we turned down to create a "wake" and to move water excessively was the design premise behind the Wake Shad.

Designed to be reeled slowly or burned across the top of the water, the Wake shad is the best and easiest to use. No special retrieves or anything, simply throw it out and reel it in. Change your retrieve speed to get dialed into the fish and catching a monster should be no problem. This 4" single jointed body design creates an awesome swimming motion and has the right amount of wiggle and flash all the while tracking true on each cast. Try a Wake Shad today for a topwater strike like you've never seen or felt.

Strike King Length Weight Depth
Wake Shad 4" 7/8oz 0-2ft

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6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: guys this has it time and place and does work. The other baits I caught no fish off other strike king swimbaits but this one does work. I had strikes on this this year. God bless and think about having one and testing it when you tested all your baits already.

From: Alex

Comments:This Is A Awesome Wake Bait!! If your looking for a wake bait that will catch big fish this is it. It is a jointed crankbait more than swimbait. I have caught a lot of fish on this bait. Work it slow or burn it in. Plan and simple This bait will catch Big Bass!! I wish Strike King would come out with a Baby Wake Shad Like they did with King Shad and put some rattles in it. It has a big wake but when it gets real choppy I would like to have a little noise. Try one!!

From:Josh: Cleveland, TN

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