Sufix Elite Camo Monofilament 330 Yards

Sufix Elite Camo Monofilament 330 Yards
Sufix Elite fishing line is a premium monofilament line specifically engineered for precision casting that dominates in every performance category. Sufix exclusive J7 Micro Resin formula provides the perfect balance of superior strength and toughness with easy handling and casting. Sufix Elite is wound on wide, oversized spools using what they call G2 Precision Winding to virtually eliminate line memory for trouble-free spooling. For a tough but limp line try the Sufix Elite.

Line Diameter 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 17lb 20lb
Inches .011 .012 .014 .015 .016 .018
Millimeters .279 .305 .356 .381 .406 .457

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Sufix Elite Camo 6lb $7.99 3+
Sufix Elite Camo 10lb $8.99 3+
Sufix Elite Camo 12lb $8.99 3+
Sufix Elite Camo 14lb $8.99 3+
Sufix Elite Camo 17lb $8.99 3+
Sufix Elite Camo 20lb $9.99 3+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Still the bast I have found. This line in 17lb test is my Go To spinnerbait line. Silky Smooth. Couldn't be more pleased with this line.

From: Timmy: Delta, CA 12/30/14

Comments: gotta say was flipping docks, stuck a giant, she kicked my butt, shouldnt have pulled her out of there, an act of God I did. but I did. she went 12 lbs. I was fishing #14 suffix elite camo; and after all the pilings and dock scrapes, after I threw her back I felt my line... and it was still flawless like nothing had happened. not an abrasion on it, in fact I made another pitch right after and didnt even have to retie. true story.

From: Tony: so cal

 The 20# is my favorite for floating swimbaits. It has plenty of power,low memory and cast very well.  The camo color blends great with the clear SoCal lakes. There is a little bit more stretch then some other monos, but its not much and is worth it once you see how the line preforms. 

From: Mike: SoCal

Comments:  My new favorite line. !0lb for crankin, 17lb for small swimbaits & spinnerbaits, 20lb for large swimbaits. Sufix rocks.

From: Brian: Northern California

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