Delivering the sensitivity and feel of braided line with the forgiveness of monofilament, Sufix Performance Stretch Braid blends fibers of Dyneema and High Tenacity Dacron, providing anglers with 6% stretch (elongation). Among other benefits, the increased stretch equates to improved handling and smoother casting. The increased suppleness and forgiveness also makes Suffix Performance Stretch Braid a great choice for fishing presentations where braided line would be beneficial, but until now hasnít been that practical due to its lack of stretch.

Line Diameter 15lb 20lb 30lb 65lb
Inches .009 .011 .013 .016
Milimeters .20 .28 .33 .41
Equiv. Mono Dia. 6lb 8lb 10lb 20lb

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Comments: To the previous comments......the lbs test of the line is irrelevant to dive charts.....its the diameter of the line which is most critical. Hence, the 30 lb braid ii the equivalent to the 10 lbs mono test and will dive according to the charts

From: Zeebee: Wpg, MB

Comments: I used Stretch Braid on my line counter reels to troll crank baits for walleyes. It worked great. With 15 lb stretch braid the baits got down to a depth equivilant to 6 lb mono. The stretch allowed for a good hook set without pulling the hooks even when trolling at 2.5 mph and 20' deep. My only wish is that you offered the line in 10' test, that way I wouldn't always have to convert my dive charts.

From: Mike: Kansas, USA

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