Sufix Siege Green Monofilament - $8.99 to $69.99

Sufix has started a revolution in fishing line technology with their new Siege fishing line. Patented XV2 Technology allows Sufix to produce a line with an unmatched strength to diameter ratio. This tough line still offers smooth handling characteristics for long casts and accuracy. The exclusive NanoTech Process produces a line that is up to fifteen times more abrasion resistant than many lines you may be using. The Neon Tangerine color will be very visible, especially against a green background like the weeds, grass, and brush you like to flip, but will disappear just under the surface of the water, becoming almost invisible to the bass.

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 17lb 20lb
Inches .010 .011 .012 .014 .015 .016 .018
Millimeter .254 .279 .305 .356 .381 .406 .457
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Sufix Siege Green Monofilament

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Sufix Siege Green 330yd 10lb-1 $8.99
Sufix Siege Green 330yd 12lb-1 $8.99
Sufix Siege Green 330yd 14lb-1 $8.99
Sufix Siege Green 330yd 17lb-1 $8.99
Sufix Siege Green 330yd 20lb-1 $9.99
Sufix Siege Green 1000yd 8lb-1 $12.99
Sufix Siege Green 1000yd 10lb-1 $12.99
Sufix Siege Green 1000yd 12lb-1 $12.99
Sufix Siege Green 6lb 3000yd-1 $39.99
Sufix Siege Green 8lb 3000yd-1 $39.99
Sufix Siege Green 10lb 3000yd-1 $54.99
Sufix Siege Green 12lb 3000yd-1 $54.99
Sufix Siege Green 14lb 3000yd-1 $54.99
Sufix Siege Green 17lb 3000yd-1 $54.99
Sufix Siege Green 20lb 3000yd-1 $69.99

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Comments: had 17 ln Siege on throwing a chatterbait and got hung up in water oo shallow to get the boat in to the lure. Took me 5 tries and finally the chatterbait blade broke off and came back with the line. And I have had the same 8 lb line on one of my mojo spinning rods for smallies for over a year, and I change line often but this just has not needed to be changed. Every line has some memory but this line has what I like to call loose memory and only after a few months. Any memory is easily straitened out after a few casts. I switched to this line for spinnig gear originally because I was tired of twist and memory in my lines. This stuff is great.

From: Don: Cincinnati, OH 11/2/14

Comments: I have fished this sufix siege for a while now. Yea over time it may get a tiny bit of memory, but so does most other lines. Sufix siege for the price is the best. My brother in law and I went fishing on Lake Austin in tx at night. He caught a 6 1/2lb bass on the 12lb test with the drag cinched down. I thought it may break. Held like a champ. There is no better line for the price. I hauled in a 7 lber. a few months earlier. This stuff is legendary. I hope they never stop making it.

From: Jordan: Austin, TX

Comments: Line has low memory but doesnt hold a knot well. Seems to stretch a lot too. When snagged line will stretch and stretch instead of breaking. I will be sticking to Trilene XT.

From: Anthony: Bay Area, CA

Comments: This line is awesome. I wont buy anything else now. It handles really well. The lightest I have used is 12 so I cant speak for ten and lighter. I love how cheap it is too.

From: Nathan: WA

Comments: This line is pretty limp and it casts far as most people said. I caught a 22-24 inch smallmouth on this line and it remained strong!!

From: Alex: PA

Comments: If you want a fishing Line with virtually no memory go with this line no. no memory coils and one of the strongest monos I have used depending on your line size if you get snagged up you will most likely have to cut the line rather than pull an expect it tot snap.

From: Freddy: Ontario, CA

Comments: This is the best monofilament line out there! I fish a lot of bass tournaments and never use anything over 14lb test. This stuff wont break! Smooth, tough, and very affordable!

From: Ryan: Notasulga, Al

Comments: I couldn't believe how strong this line is, I bought the 14lbs green smoke, I swear it will not break, I got caught in a brush pile and tryed and tryed to snap the line LOL It wouldn't snap, Plus is super smooth and casts farther than other lines i have used witch is everything, I fish everyday and this line never let me down.

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

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