Sugoi Fluorocarbon Gray Casting Line 130yd

Sugoi Fluorocarbon Gray Casting Line 130yd

This is the premium fluorocarbon line on the market today. Imported from Japan exclusively for Gary Yamamoto Custom Bait Company, Sugoi Fluorocarbon Casting Line combines the best of both monofilament and braided line. Sugoi feels and acts like monofilament, knots are easy to tie with 100% knot strength, but it has the superior strength and high sensitivity of braid. Sugoi line is stronger and smaller in diameter than mono of the same weight class. Sugoi Line is also UV resistant, so long days in the sun won't break it down. This line has become the dropshotter's go-to line in almost any situation. It is great in shallow water and almost invisible even in brightly lit, clear water, but it really shines when fishing deep. Since fluorocarbon is heavier than water, unlike monofilament, it sinks and gets light finesse weights down quicker with less tendency to rise off the bottom when moved.

Tackle Tour Editor's Choice Award
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Customer Reviews

Comments: I don't normally do reviews but someone needs to speak up about the the quality of the Sugoi FC line. Flourocarbon, you either love it or hate it! Sugoi is the first FC that I really love. Handles great, strong knots and abrasion resistanced...not know about that bad report on wet abrasion they found on the Tackle Tour review...never had a problem. I have used Tatsu and found to prefer this line knock against Tatsu, its really good stuff but I feel that this line handles better. I only wish I could buy it in larger spools for more cost effectivness

From: Greg: Washington St, USA

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