Sunline FC Biwako Guide Special fishing line is a 100% fluorocarbon line that is specifically designed for big bass. Biwako Sunline is super soft, super strong and is produced by top fishing guides in Lake Biwa, one of the foremost lakes for big bass in Japan. Biwako Sunline goes the limit in eliminating shock, which is the weak point of fluoro lines, while retaining the same level of abrasion resistance and high specific.

Line Diameter 6lb 7lb 8lb
Inches .008 .009 .009
Millimeters .205 .219 .235

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Very pleased with this line.  Used the 7lb as my primary drop shot line.  Very strong, very sensitive, no line management problems notes.  Thumbs up from this fat cat.

From: Fatswarcat: Paradox, PA

Comments: Right on about the Pixy!  Spooled the 8# on an Airy Red Pixy...comes in about 95 yards, the Pixy took about 80 or 85.  Very supple!!  Cast extremely well.  Caught on a few snags and pulled them free.  Fishing in wooded banks and caught several bass.  No abrasion problem.  I tied on baits with a flouro knot.  No problems with coming off or breaking. 8# is very thin, threadlike.  I can see this working well for spinning, but it works fantastic on a Pixy.  Will buy more and put some on my Daiwa Sol and Curado 50E. Kind of expensive, but well worth it!

From: Mitch: Springfield, LA

Comments: The best kept finesse line secret there is...stellar on a Pixzilla!

From: Dave: Akron, OH

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